A white girls Burden

7 July 2016

“A white girls Burden”, written Amy Finnegan is an article about a social movement, which happened in 2012, this is most commonly referred to as Kony 2012. This movement was started by a group of 3 regular Californian guys who had typical lives who were motivated to started an organization on this situation which is called invisible children, which was first formed in 2003. The video titled “Kony 2012” is 30 minutes long and quickly made an appearance on many social networks and newspapers across North America, “sparking wide spread concern about the lords resistance army (LRA) war in central Africa”.

Once this video became viral thousands of people became moved about this issue and started to help fundraise thousands of dollars to help the cause from all ages of people. “Invisible children mobilizes predominantly young, privileged, evangelical Christian, female Americans to participate in a unique form of “ non-wave-making activism” (Finnegan, 2013). Aside from fundraising people were also reaching out to all the contacts and sources they had to further raise the awareness of the war in Africa. Soon after the video was released invisible children had already raised 1 million dollars after a week.

A white girls Burden Essay Example

The founders of the organization “invisible children” all had faith and were into religion, however they did not want to mix religion and business. Invisible children made a social movement unlike many others, through social medial and non-violent actions. “Distinct from activism that seeks to make social change by engaging institutions through civil disobedience or public protests, invisible children promotes legal, institutional forms of engagement. ” (Finnegan, 2013).

Some major events that invisible children has achieved is hosted the largest lobby day ever about an African issue in U. S history, they have also successfully gained several minutes of unscheduled airtime with Oprah to raise awareness about this conflict. In “less than an year, of the lords resistance army disarmament and northern Uganda recovery act, at a bipartisan piece of legislation that mandated that the Obama administration provide funds for the northern Uganda recovery and transitional justice initiatives, and eventually send 100 military advisors to the region in October 2011” (Finnegan, 2013). Invisible children have also being contacted by George Clooney, and other popular films like Blood Diamond.

However there are 3 main problems discussed in this article regarding invisible children, firstly the media seemed to misrepresent Uganda and what one knows about it. Secondly, “ invisible children also promoted policies that are highly controversial” and lastly “ Americans shallow an ill-informed understanding of Africa, and a distorted picture of their own role in social change. ” (Finnegan, 2013). Invisible children have focused on gaining the attention on young people because these types of people are the future and are becoming more passionate and involved in stories and issues similar to this concern all around the world.

Mobilizing young people to become active on these issues is very important and very effective to changing the world, young people are more socially active online and do participate in other subjects such as invisible children and stopping Joseph Kony. This issue is still going on but has gotten better; problems like this cannot be solved overnight but throughout the past 2 years have made a significant difference and will continue to get better. Because of the generous donations and support a lot has been done regarding this issue and has led others to become aware of different problems, situations, organizations, and groups around the world.

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