Aa Reaction Paper

1 January 2017

I did not really know what exactly to expect before the meeting, because I never been to a AA meeting and I was kind of excited to go and hear peoples stories about their addictions and dependency. 2. I attend the meeting with my boyfriend because I did not want to go alone. My only concern was how people were going to be there, and I excepted to hear some bizarre stories of peoples past. 3. The meeting was held in a conference like setting at a round table, I was quite comfortable because I was not alone. Everyone greeted me at the same time after I introduced myself.

I felt like an observer just listening to everyone and their stories. 4. Some people were ratchet and looked like severe recovering addicts. The age range was from 18-66, both male and female majority Black and Hispanic. They were friendly. 5. Some people brought notebooks and pictures. 6. First Dr. Lewis spoke and introduced herself to all the new people and then everyone went one by one stating their names. The topics that were discussed were honesty, hope, trust, responsibility, ask for help, acceptance, working on the steps of change, and spirituality.

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Some of the stories and confessions that were told were touching because I did not know that alcohol was a strong of a drug as it is. My thoughts were open during the meeting because I did not want to seem like I was placing judgment on anyone. I really did not feel apart of the meeting, because I was just there to observer and get insight on what a AA meeting really was about. 7. At the end of the meeting everyone repeated a sobriety pledge and made a promise to come to next session. Immediately afterwards I walked over and spoke to Dr. Lewis about the session and she asked me questions about my assignment.

After leaving the meeting I was thinking about my uncle who suffers from alcoholism, and how I wish would have joined me. 8. I learned that alcoholism is a serious addiction and it can take over anyone who depend on alcohol to ease themselves. 9. In my opinion I believe that the AA meetings are very helpful for anyone who was struggling with alcohol abuse, and I believe that it is a place for people to discuss and ponder about their past and how to make a better future. 10. I would recommend that when people come to the AA meeting with an open mind and willing to share your stories and experiences with everyone.

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