Aggression a range of behaviors that can result in both physical and psychological damage to one self or another human being. It can manifest in many different ways some of the most common being physically, verbally, mentally and emotionally. Aggression is seen in many different types of hostile behaviors such as war, bullying and rape, many which serve as an outlet to aggression. There are many reasons why people act out on aggression and for every person it is different.

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For some it is out of constant humiliation and ridicule from bullying where it Just boils up o the point of no return. For some it might be a matter of killed or be killed when they are In war. But no matter the reason a lot of the time this aggression that comes out Is In the form of violence. Self-justification plays a big part in aggression. All people want to believe that they are inherently good and when they do something to hurt someone and that damage is right in front of them, that person needs to find a way to quiet their cognitive dissonance.

The main way of silencing this self-doubt is through self Justification, the arson would try to convince themselves that in the situation they did nothing wrong and the victim deserved what had happened to them and that they were in the right. People can take wrongdoings of other people to them and use that as fuel to often justify their violent actions, which can tragically be seen In the cases of school shootings. In 1999 Eric Keyhole and Dylan Harris set upon a killing spree at their high school, which resulted In the death of 14 students.

It Is not made clear If these students were bullied but through many journal entries and videotapes it is seen hat these two students felt rejected and isolated from the other kids at school. They used these dejected feelings to make the people around them responsible for their misery and make them seem to be the wrong ones when in reality they might have notdone a thing Demutualization is another concept that plays into aggression in many different ways and can be seen throughout life. When we euthanize someone, we quite literally remove any traces of them being a person so as to make him or her an easier target.

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The act of demutualizationserves aggression very well because it removes any assistance or culpability for harming a person and takes shame and guilt out of the equation. When something has a name and feelings, that thing becomes real to you: whether it is physically or emotionally. That’s why in war, soldiers are trained to lessen people and make them subhuman therefore making it easier for them to kill. Demutualization is a dangerous thing when it comes to aggression because it turns people into targets rather than human beings. Another major concept that has a lot to do with aggression is prejudice.

Prejudice is a dared or negative attitude towards a race or type of people. Prejudice is often based on a set stereotype or attributes that a certain group of people have, most being negative. Prejudice and aggression often times go hand in hand because the hatred that a person might have for a certain group of people continues to build up and eventually leads to an outward display of violence against that group or individual person. An example of this can be seen in the murder of Fred Martinez. Fred was a Navajo boy who identified as n¤delete , which was a mix gendered role in the Navajo immunity.

Fred was very effeminate and often dressed and wore makeup like a female would. Fred lived in a very close-minded town in the outskirts of Texas and was often bullied and humiliated to the point where he once attempted to commit suicide. Fred, however made his best attempts to live the way that he wanted and tried not to concern himself with the way other people would treat him. On June, 26,2001 Fried’s body was found bludgeoned to death and the culprit was later found to be Shawn Murphy who was found out after bragging to his friends that he had attacked a Tag.

Murphy was prejudiced against homosexuals so much that the idea of a man dressing effeminately. Aggression can often lead to many different bouts of rage and violence over time. It can be seen in cases of war, bullying and also murder. It is important that a person be able to deal with this aggression in healthy ways so that it does not manifest in hurting another person. Self Justification, demutualization and prejudice are but only three of the many ways in which people and nations continually find ways to enable their acts of aggression.

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