8 August 2019

Saturday, August 25, I, along with many of my friends,was shocked to hear that one of our favorite singers was dead. Aaliyah Haughton,known by her first name, died in a plane crash on her way home from filming amusic video in the Bahamas.

Aaliyah, whose name means “highest, mostexalted one” in Arabic, had just begun to scratch the surface of both hermusic and acting careers. She made her first album when she was just 15, and hersecond two years later. Both were certified platinum. Artists who knew hercouldn’t help but recognize the amazing talent and beautiful spirit shepossessed.

At 22, Aaliyah was already a Grammy-nominated singer and apromising actress. She made her film debut in “Romeo Must Die” with aperformance that gained her critical acclaim and sparked more actingopportunities, including her role in Anne Rice’s “Queen of the Damned”and a proposal to appear in sequels to “The Matrix.”

AlthoughAaliyah was young, she had made quite an impression on the music world in herseven years of performing. Her charisma and humility were wonderful attributesfor a role model.

On MTV’s show “Diary,” Aaliyah said that whenher time came, she wanted people to think of her as an “all-out entertainer,and a good person.” Although too soon, I believe this wish was fulfilled.

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