AB Electrolux

4 April 2015
Discusses the Swedish manufacturing company AB Electrolux. Topics include: History, product profiles, finances and outlook.

As exhibit A indicates, Stockholmbased Electrolux produces a wide variety of goods (Hoover’s, 1996, 204). Within the category of Outdoor Products are the subcategories of forest and garden equipment, including agricultural implements. These products would be chainsaws (30% world share), lawn mowers, garden tractors, lawn trimmers, and leaf blowers. Operations are run through the Husqvarna and Flymo subsidiaries in Europe, and through American Yard Products and Poulan/Weed Eater in the U.S. (Electrolux Home Page, 1997).

The industrial products category overlaps into the commercial appliances category. The former contains food service equipment, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, industrial laundry..

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