Abeka 3rd grade History Test- William Penn, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington

to continually give someone ill-treatment
something that needs to be paid back
a religious group of people who call themselves Friends
William Penn, Jr.
the man who began the Quaker colony of Pennsylvania
Quakers believed that
__________________ no one should show more respect to one person than to another.
the love of God
Quakers believed that helping another person showed ______________________.
against the law
Being a Quaker was _________________.
__________himself became a Quaker.
the colony which William Penn began; Penn’s “wooded land”
“the city of brotherly love” which William Penn planned
The Quakers called each other ___________________.
If a person is *persecuted*, he is continually given ________________________.
pay something back
If a person is in *debt*, he needs to _______________________.
bubonic plague
a terrible sickness
Quakers did not believe in fighting in wars
After William Penn became a Quaker, why couldn’t he
1. to pay back the debt or loan that he owed Penn
2. to get rid of the Quakers whom he thought were troublesome.

Give two reasons why the king was willing to give Penn land to begin a colony.
In the early days of Pennsylvania, no soldiers were needed for protection. What group of people made sure the Quakers were protected?
What city in Pennsylvania was once the capital of the United States?
a large city in England
A book that gives the days and months of the year as well as facts and helpful hints is called?
Benjamin Franklin
Who was a printer, writer, inventor, scientist, and great American?
War for Independence
The war in which the American colonists fought for their freedom from England was called?
Constitution of the United States
The name of the plan of government for the United States was?
Boston, Massachusetts
What city was Benjamin Franklin was born at?
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
What was the name of the city where the Declaration of Independence was signed?
What country came to the aid of the American colonies near the end of the War for Independence?
Poor Richards Almanac
What little booklet did Benjamin Franklin write that contained many wise sayings?
a candle maker
What job did Ben Franklins dad have?
What trade or job did Ben Franklin learn from his brothers?
He had become a writer and wanted to be on his own
Why did Ben go from Boston to Philadelphia?
Because it jumps like lightning and was the same color as lightning
In what ways did the electric spark remind Ben of lightning?
It proved that lightning was electricity
What did Ben’s experiment with lightning prove?
No, it was very dangerous. No one should play with electricity.
Was Ben’s experiment safe?
The American War for Independence
What was the war between England and America in the 1770s called?
To go to talk to the British to try and work out the problems England and the colonies were having
Why did Benjamin Franklin go to England before the War for Independence?
The Americans needed money and to fight the war
Why did Ben go to France during the war?
The new plan of government for the United States
What is the Constitution?
One who measures land and draws maps is called?
To give up or lose to an enemy is called?
A person who speaks or acts for others is called?
George Washington
Who was the commander in chief of the American army
President of the United States
George Washington was the first what?
French and Indian War
The war in which the English won the right to the American western frontier land was called?
Declaration of Independence
The name of the paper written by Thomas Jefferson which stated that the Americans were free from the rule of the king of England was called?
Mount Vernon
Where is the large, beautiful home of George Washington?
To be sailor in the British Royal Navy
When George Washington was 14 years old, what did he dream of becoming?
He learned to be a good soldier and learned to take care of himself in the wilderness.
How did the surveying trip that George Washington made in the wilderness when he was 16 help him in the French and Indian War?
The English won the war
Who won the French and Indian War?
England made the colonists pay taxes and did not let them make their own laws
Why were the Americans unhappy with England?
Because they wore red coats
Why did the colonists call the English soldiers redcoats?
The English
Which army was better trained to fight in the War for Independence?
Representatives from each state
Who wrote the Constitution of the United States?
In which city was the Constitution written?
George Washington
Who was chosen to be president of the Constitutional Convention?
Who sent ships to help the colonists in the War for Independence?
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