Abigail Adams

2 February 2018

Abigail Adams helps give modern people an insight into the life of a remarkable colonial correspondent. She understood important issues that tore the new nation apart. Abigail showed her affection for her country and her husband by documenting her life for all to read. Without her letters, America would not be as well informed about the Revolutionary War and the second President as it is today.

Abigail Adams was born in the small town of Wentworth, Massachusetts on November 1 1, 1774. Her father, William Smith, was a wealthy clergyman who married Elizabeth Quince Smith.Together they had Mary, Abigail, Elizabeth and William. Abigail often spent long hours at her Grandmother Quinces home learning how to cook and sew. Grandmother Quince was witty and sharp and taught Abigail to think for herself. As a young child Abigail was often sick and couldn’t attend school. When she was home sick her father gave her full access to the family library and gave her numerous books to read.

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One of Abigail favorite pieces of literature was Shakespearean Macbeth, which she read many times. Her dark brown hair and fair creamy face could most often be found in the library Enid a book.When Abigail came off marrying age, many men came to call, but none caught her eye until John Adams. John treated her like an equal and delighted when she shared her opinions. Abigail and John could discuss the political happenings and controversies of the time as equals. They married on October 25, 1764. Abigail and John moved to Brainteaser, Massachusetts where they had Nabob, Charles, Thomas, John Quince and Susann.

When John left for Boston to be a layover, Abigail was left to take care of the children and the farm for ten years. John once wrote, ” Sometimes ear the farm is in better hands with me gone. With John gone, the educating and raising of four children was given to Abigail. She had no formal education for herself, yet she taught her children. Abigail words of self- educating her children are, “l have always found it very important that children should in the early part of life be unaccustomed to such examples as would tend to corrupt the purity of their words and actions. ” Abigail taught them at home so Nabob could learn along with her brothers because, at this time, girls were not required to go to school. Abigail learned Latin and French o teach to John Quince.

These languages would help in his future roles of ambassador to Russia and president of the United States. Around this time signs of a Revolutionary War were ever)Where. The First Continental Congress started meeting in August of 1774. John was again reluctantly torn away from Abigail and his children. It adopted a Declaration of Rights and Grievances. When the Second Continental Congress convened they created the Continental Army because of their distrust toward England. They also sent the peaceful Olive Branch petition to King George Ill, who angrily refused t.

The petition stated the colonies hope for a peaceful secession from Britain. Another official document created by the Continental Congress was the Declaration of Independence. The most popular religions of the time included Deism, Unitarianism, Congregationalism, and Moravian. The Deists believed that God created the world and then abandoned it Unitarians denied the Trinity and didn’t believe thesaurus was God’s son, but that He gave His powers to Jesus temporarily. Congregationalists believed that God loved them and wanted to interact with them but couldn’t.The Moravian name from Germany to be missionaries to Indians, slaves, and immigrants. They thought God wanted their religion to be worldwide.

One of the most famous artists of the time was John Singleton Copley. He was said to be, ” The greatest painter to ever work in colonial America. ” Gilbert Stewart was another famous painter of the time. He painted the portrait of George Washington that is currently on the dollar bill. The most famous book read by all Americans at this time was the Bible. There were many things that led to the Revolutionary War.The Townsend Act taxed items such as glass, paper, lead, and tea.

The Stamp Act required people to purchase stamps to put on certain legal documents. It taxed things like newspapers, calendars, playing cards, and all other legal documents. The Intolerable Act closed the port of Boston until the tea destroyed in the Boston Tea Party was paid for. The Boston Massacre was the first incident of Americans revolting that resulted in death. A mob of men gathered to throw snowballs and rocks at the British soldiers around Boston. The soldiers shot into the mob, killing five and injuring six.The Boston Tea Party is another good example of America evolving.

When taxed British tea came into port in Boston, the Bostonians refused to let it be unloaded. Later that night a group of fifty to sixty men dressed as Indians illegally dropped all of the tea into the harbor. Every colony longed for independence from Britain. American sailors were being impressed, which means men were being illegally taken off of ships and forced to work on British ships. This violated the equal rights at sea and infuriated Americans. Slavery was also an issue that would arise and tear the nation in two.Abigail once wrote to John about slavery, ” wish most insincerely that there was not a slave in the province.

It has always appeared a most iniquitous scheme to me – fight ourselves for what we are daily robbing from those who have as good a right to freedom as we have. ” Some people believe Abigail to be the first feminist-Her view on women’s rights was this, ” If we mean to have heroes, statesmen, and philosophers, we should have learned women. ” Abigail had incredible insight on issues that would soon tear the nation apart.She even wrote to him when he was with the Continental Congress saying, ” I long to hear that you have declared independence. And, by the way, in the new code of laws which I suppose it will be necessary for you to make I desire you to remember the ladies and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors. ” As Often as she could Abigail wrote to John. Normally she wrote to him three times a day, describing even the smallest things, just to include him in her life.

Through her diligence to include him, she even wrote to him during her labor so he could feel present.Some people thought Abigail had too strong a hold on the president. Was it a hold or was it true love? While home on the farm, Abigail had many tasks to take care of even as a war raged on in her own backyard. She was an eyewitness along with John Quince of the Battle at Bunker Hill. When minutemen started resting at her house, she overheard one of them complain about a shortage of bullets for the muskets. Abigail then took her pewter spoons and melted them down to mold into bullets. John Quince called it “Bullet Soup.

” This is just one of the many things that Abigail sacrificed for her country.As the first lady, Abigail only lived in the White House for four months. The Adams was the first to occupy the Executive Mansion, as it was then called. When Abigail and John moved in, only six rooms were habitable. The East Room had no windows and Abigail saw it as the perfect place to hang the wash. Even in these terrible living conditions, Abigail was the perfect hostess for events at the White House. Home to Abigail would always be Brainteaser, Massachusetts where she and John retired for seventeen years after his presidency.

Both John and Abigail were Unitarians and Abigail often said, ” True religion is from the heart, not from a person’s good deeds. ” Abigail Adams always wanted what was best for her country and family. She often sacrificed having her husband with her so he could attend to political matters. Her sacrifices led to a new country. On October 25th , 1 818, Abigail came down with a bad case of typhoid fever, a virus she often had as a child. John said about her state, ” cannot bear to see her struggle like this. ” On October 28th , 1818 ,Abigail died.

” We shall meet again and know each other in our future state,” said John as his final goodbye.

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