Abigail Williams Questions

12 December 2016

Abigail Williams used her manipulative skills to get her way and create hysteria in the town of Salem. 1. Why did Abigail flee Salem? She knows soon she will be questioned for the death of Goody Nurse and John 2. Why does Abigail admit to witchcraft? She knows she can get rid of her enemies by blaming them for witchcraft too 3. How is Abigail a hypocrite? She says she loves god in act 1 but she fuels the witch trials and is seen like a devil-like character 4.

Why did Abigail want the charm to hurt Elizabeth Proctor? She wanted to have John to herself 5. How is Abigail related to Parris? She is he the niece 6. How did Abigail blame Elizabeth Proctor for poppet? She sticks a needle in herself and says Elizabeth used witchcraft with the doll 7. Why does Abigail think she is a woman and not a kid? Because of her affair with John 8. Why does Abigail do witchcraft? To get back the love of John 9. How is Abigail manipulative in the crucible?

Abigail Williams Questions Essay Example

Since she is a child she is good at acting like she is innocent 10. How is Abigail selfish? She wanted John all to herself and will do anything to get him 11. How does Abigail change in the story? She acts like a innocent girl but turns into a evil and manipulative girl and then becomes a thief 12. Why does Abigail accuse others for witchcraft? She knew if she accused others she could get out of being blamed 13. Why does Abigail accuse Tituba for what happened in the woods?

She is afraid to confess to her sins, her reputation is already ruined because of the affair 14. How does Abigail trick Danforth? She says there is a yellow bird but he can’t see it so he thinks she is possessed 15. Why does Abigail hate Elizabeth? Elizabeth kicked her out so no one else wanted to hire her because of the incident. How does Abigail use her manipulative skills? To what end does she use them and why does she use them in that way? How do they bring about the hysteria in Salem?

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