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6 June 2017

ABM will be able to take control of the market compared to our competitors and stay on top. Some of the ways we will embark on such will include the followings; Quick response: ABM will provide same day and after hours service. Turn around will be 24 hours. A flat rate policy: This undermines the competition, who charges by the hour. The pricing has been set to reflect the average amount of time it takes to perform the task.

With this strategy we can undercut most competitors and gain local market power. On-site and pick-up/drop-off services: This will minimize the time nd effort a customer needs to put into dealing with his computer problem. Surprisingly, our small size Is an advantage: customers will recognize us (and future employees), and will know they will get the same great service every time they call. 4. 1 Implementation Because we are the one-stop solutions center for your entire computer needs.

Not only can we support your software and hardware, but Computer Repair Center can repair your computers, networks. hardware, software, data back up, and much more. We’ll streamline your technology investment, cut costs, increase “up time” and productivity and positively affect your bottom line by lowering your total cost of ownership. If you’re Interested In cutting costs and getting the service you deserve then Computer Repair Center is the logical choice.

ABM Computer will be source for complete computer, iphones and Tablet repair. Whether your hard drive needs to be replaced or your power supply has failed, ABM computer can do It all. With service available In shop and at your home or business, ABM Computer has the tools to get the Job done right. And with our quick turn- round, you won’t have to wait weeks to get your computer back. Offering services for both computers and mobile devices, ABM will be your one-stop shop.

If your iPhone needs the screen replaced or has a failed hard drive. ABM computer repair will be dedicated to providing Chicago Rogers Park neighborhood great and sound advice, professional computer repair, network installations, upgrade, backup, optimization services and quality training when you need it at a reasonable price. This company Is built on the concept at assuring that computer owners and potential computer winers deserve to have a partner that they can trust.

Our years of experience in business, educational and home technology will create efficient solutions for you to achieve an effective and rewarding computing experience. All services and training are custom tailored toyer individual needs and goals and if you are not 100% satisfied, we’ll make It right – guaranteed! 4. 2 Marketing Organization The organization will include three personnel, Abraham will be in charge of Management, Bright will be In charge of the technical and Margaret will be In charge of sales and finance. Contingency Planning We intend to watch our results very carefully. We may need to concentrate less on certain products and services than others, if we intend to get the margin up or clients major IT companies by focusing more on our prime services. Another possibility is the introduction of a company or several companies in our niche.

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