Abortion Outline

8 August 2016

Specific Purpose: To inform citizens of some of the advantages and disadvantages of abortion. Thesis: The ongoing battle on whether abortion is promising or destructive is a concern to all citizens. Introduction: I. ) Definition of abortion II. ) Advantages of abortion Ex: Parent may not be able to support child, parent may be unfit, child may be at risk of poor health, etc. III. ) Disadvantages of abortion Ex: Death of an innocent child, preventing opportunities that could benefit numerous citizens, etc. IV.) Why should you care? a. Every individual has certain rights (the parent themselves, and the baby should too) b. The birth or death of any baby could change your life c. What if you had been that baby who did not have a choice? Transition statement: (Concluding of introduction) Although you may or may not have experienced an encounter with abortion previously, you may be placed in the situation in the future and it’s important that you understand all of what is impacted by abortion, and exactly how things are affected.

Body: I. ) Main advantages of abortion a. ) Detailed b. ) Supporting evidence c. ) Specific example of why abortion may be appropriate d. ) Opinion of someone who is pro-abortion Transition statement: In many cases, abortion is the right choice to make and is in the best interest of many people, however sometimes this option can take a negative toll in several aspects. II. ) Main disadvantages of abortion a. ) Detailed b. ) Supporting evidence c.) Specific example of why abortion may be inappropriate d. ) Opinion of someone who is pro-life/anti-abortion Transition statement: The harm inflicted by abortion is heart wrenching, but may be hard to understand for someone who has never personally encountered this harsh reality.

Abortion Outline Essay Example

III. ) Why abortion is such a huge concern: a. ) You may be placed in the situation one day where you have to make the choice b. ) How abortion could be extremely destructive or somewhat beneficial to many citizens c.) Your rights are at risk of being taken away, some places trying to pass laws forbidding abortions Transition Statement: Now that you’ve seen how all individuals can be affected by abortion, you may have formed a solid and supported position on your views regarding abortion Conclusion: I. ) The butterfly effect a. ) Define this effect b. ) Relate this to abortion II. ) Refer back to major points a. ) Major advantages of abortion b. ) Major disadvantages of abortion c. ) That you could be effected III. ) Reflect on the rights on individuals IV. ) Was this information helpful? a. ) Yes? b. ) No? c. ) Maybe? V. ) Closing Statement

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