Abortion vs. Adoption

12 December 2016

I have bought the test. The ride home with I full bladder seemed to take forever. Finally, I am able to complete the test. The two minutes I wait for results seem more like two years. I hands are shaking. I look carefully- the results are unmistakable. Two pink lines appear in the window. I am without a doubt pregnant. This is the worst time in the world for a baby. I am scared. I feel alone. What do I do?

Believe it or not, I am not alone at all. There are over 78 percent unplanned pregnancies today (Adoption Blogs). What options are available for I and I baby? The answer is simple: abortion or adoption. The really difficult question is which choice is right for me? Let’s compare and contrast these options so I can make the best choice for me. The first similarity between abortion and adoption is that I can pursue earlier goals and plans (Bethany Christian Services).

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The second similarity between the two is that I can live independently (Bethany Christian Services).

The third similarity is I will not have to parent prematurely if I am a teenage mother (Bethany Christian Services). I will be able to resume I education or career goals that I have for it (Bethany Christian Services). Not only will I not have to parent prematurely, but I will be free from the financial burden of parenting that comes with having a baby (Bethany Christian Services). I will also have the freedom to choose if I want to have a long term relationship with the baby’s father (Bethany Christian Services).

I will not have to stay with him if I do not love him or do not want to be with him if I choose either abortion or adoption (Bethany Christian Services). The differences that I have between adoption and abortion are that with adoption I pregnancy ends with giving life (Bethany Christian Services). Unlike abortion I pregnancy ends with death (Bethany Christian Services). If I do choose adoption I may feel good and positive about the choice I have made to give I baby life (Bethany Christian Services).

With abortion I may feel guilt and shame about the fact that I have killed I unborn child (Bethany Christian Services). I will not only remember the moment that I gave birth to the baby but I will also remember what it feels like to be pregnant (Bethany Christian Services). I may want to start to settle down and be able to have a family of I own one day (Bethany Christian Services). The abortion reality is that I will only remember taking an unborn child’s life (Bethany Christian Services).

With adoption I will have plenty of time to plan mine and the baby’s future (Bethany Christian Services). Unlike abortion is final and I cannot reverse the decision about it (Bethany Christian Services). Adoption can have a positive outcome in the long run because if I ever do want to see the child again I will have the choice to pursue that goal or the child may try to find me (Bethany Christian Services). Abortion ends all in one day with the death of an unborn baby that I will never know what he or she could have become (Bethany Christian Services).

In the long run adoption would be the choice for me. Just because I cannot keep my baby due to financial burden or not having the right partner at the time does not mean that I will not make a good mother one day. I could have prevented this from happening by taking birth control or using to forms of birth control but I chose not to so now I am the one left making the hardest choice in my life. Abortion or Adoption which do I choose.

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