Abortion: When Does Life Begin?

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the issue of abortion in Japan and America.

This paper discusses abortion on a pragmatic level of when human life actually begins. It explores the Japanese culture and Buddhism in its respect for life and the essence of the spirit and compares it those views of American Christianity. It shows further, how each views life in the context of abortion.
From the paper:

“…at the heart of this debate is the ethical and religious question of “when does human life begin?” Perhaps one of the reasons the issue is both so contentious and so difficult, and why such little light has been shed upon it, is that there are deeper issues at hand than that of politics or law. To explore these issues without passing judgment on the issue in a legalistic fashion is important. Religion is at the heart of this debate, and this paper will attempt to explore notions of the nature of human life from a comparative perspective to give a fresh view on this rather tired issue. It will examine the radically different fashion in which abortion is conceived of in contemporary Japanese Buddhism versus contemporary American Christianity. Through looking at these religions through this very specific focus this paper will also attempt to explicate differences between these two religions in their different cultural contexts in a larger fashion.”

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