About Hemja Villege Resort

11 November 2016

Village Resort is newly organized service oriented business venture in the tourist sector (Pokhara). The proposed resort is located at Hemja, Pokhara. The resort is situated at the middle part of Hemja, near of Tibetian Camp near of the Pokhara city. It is spread over 2 biga with full of the facility HVR is a partnership organization, comprising of two business partners. The total investment would be around 5 million. Each business partners would invest 2. 5 million each.

The Hemja Village Resort was envisioned to be Nepal’s most luxurious and exclusive property, offering amenities that a modern world-weary traveler can desire. The proposed schemes are very good, reliable, and qualitative service with reasonable price. The main objective of the resort is to establish a small-scale resort to provide the good lodging and food services to internal and external customer with full availability of recreational activities and ultimately achieve the large pie of the marketplace.

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That “Quality Service for all” would be our slogan. The management committee vision three types of customers Nepali, Indian, and foreign (from different countries like Japan, German, America, Australia, Korea, china). The resort is estimating near about 3,000 customers in the first year with the incremental of 20% each year. This resort is thinking to attain an average growth in service revenue of about 10% per year and to increase market share by 10% annually. HVR reaches breakeven point in the second year of operation and earn profit thereafter.

The special promotional tools would be used such as FM, Newspaper, TV channels, banners, and news journal, e. t. c. customers can gain information and book their services from our website: www. hemjavillegeresort. com. np. During the first few years, HVR uses the low cost advantage strategy and differentiation strategy to attract the more customers and then after few years of operation it uses the growth strategy for the development of resort as the marketing strategy.

In its marketing mix 7 Ps are analyzed. These are product, price, place, promotion, people, process, physical environment. HVR will use a set of action programme to achieve its marketing objectives. The financial projection is based on the implementation of the action programme, which gives the detail information about the income and expenses of the resort. To evaluate overalls performance of the resort it implements the monthly, quarterly or annual evaluation and control system.

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