Abraham lincoln

8 August 2016

Well he went back to the mans house and he had to explain what he found out about the typewriter. He told him that he fix it, but this was not Ernie Pyle’s typewriter, then he show him the document that he found out about the typewriter and he said that the typewriter that you thought was Ernie Pyle’s it has different marks then the one on the document. The man was a little upset but he said to the detective that his grandfather would of been happy that he found some important stuff about this typewriter.

1. Who is Ernie Pyle? Ernie Pyle was a journalist who wrote as a roving correspondent. 2. Why does the man believe that the typewriter is Ernie Pyle’s? The man believes that the typewriter is Ernie Pyle’s because His grandfather won it in poker. He won it from a George Pratt. He thought it was Ernie Pyle’s because George Pratt was in the same unit as Ernie Pyle’s and Pratt told the mans grandfather that it was Ernie Pyle’s typewriter. 3. How does the detective start his investigation of the typewriter?

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The detective start his investigation of the typewriter by asking his assistant to look up Ernie Pyle’s file to actually see if he was actually had and a typewriter and if he actually use to make story or whatever he did on the typewriter and to see who got the typewriter when he passes away. 4. Why is it important to get the typewriter working? What did the comparison of the documents show? It is important to get the typewriter working so he can bring it back to the man working. The comparison of the documents for the typewriter showed that it was not Ernie Pyle’s typewriter at all it didn’t have the same marks like on the document.

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