Absolut vodka’s in an absolut world

6 June 2016

For many marketers, considering the great scarcity in time and resource that these are considered valuable in creating print ads. Upon seeing print ads, readers will automatically decide in a split second whether the ad is worth reading or not. After all, there are so many pages that a reader can go through in a certain publication, more than one magazine at the rack to be read supported by budgets that need to be reviewed, clients to follow-up and employees and workers to evaluate. In a second or two, they will decide whether your ad is worth their time or not.

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Absolut vodka’s in an absolut world
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As a marketer or businessman, one has to face competition enthusiastically for the minds and eyes of the target audience. As much as marketers are convinced that their products are the most important things in the world, it is important for marketers to know that their readers are likely to feel otherwise (Blom 2001). This is the challenge of print ad this challenge is never too small because the competition here is so tough.

Although there are so many media for advertising now such as commercial, radio, online and mobile advertisement, print advertisement still remains to be one of the most effective ways to promote a certain product. Moreover, print ads manifest a very big and enormous target. Anyone can read, people from all walks of life and people of all ages; those who can already read. The question now is what makes a print ad really successful. How does it reflect and touch the readers. This paper is written to analyze one of the famous brands of alcoholic drink – Absolut Vodka. This paper aims to expound on how powerful print ads are in convincing the viewers to patronize a certain product and the basis for expansion of this idea is based on the print ad of Absolut Vodka photographed by Vincent Dixon exclusively to endorse Absolut Vodka.

The Absolut Vodka Ad

This ad is a photo ad taken in a room, showing a man and a woman and a dog. The mix in this print ad is that the man shown in the ad is pregnant while the woman was the one holding a glass of Absolut Vodka. In the middle of the print, the slogan of Absolut Vodka “In an Absolut World” is written and the bottom part says “Enjoy with Absolut Responsibility” while on the side appears the picture of the bottle of Absolut Vodka (Absolut 2007).

When a person sees this ad, the very first thing that will be noticed is the pregnant man. This will definitely arouse curiosity in the reader simply because the picture implies something out of the ordinary. Following the image of the man, the attention will go to the woman who is holding a glass with Absolut Vodka.  Analyzing this ad, one will agree that this picture speaks. It speaks more than promoting a product; it is relaying a certain message both for men and women readers.

The background color is very simple so as not to divert the attention of the readers to the background and other entities in the picture. The dog was also placed with the man and the woman to clearly draw the attention in the middle, the place in which the message is portrayed. This ad also shows a picture of sophistication which can be seen on the background and the clothing the characters in the picture are wearing giving the message that sophisticated and elegant people drink this alcoholic drink.

This is a perfect representation of a certain message not to mention the quality of ad and paper shown. Moreover, this ad was placed a few pages after the first and a few pages before the center making it more noticeable by readers. Anybody who will see this ad will definitely stop, glance and allow the message to incubate until finally the message is delivered. This is a very effective print ad, catching attention, appealing and clearly delivering the message.

Target Audience

The ad logically targets alcohol drinkers. Moreover, this does not only target men who are known as alcohol drinkers; it also targets women who may drink alcohol frequently. The education of target audience is not shown however from the picture shown, it can be said that this ad is talking to anyone who is capable of drinking alcohol, educated or not educated. However, because of the elegance and sophistication shown in the photo ad, it is assumed that the target audience is narrowed down to those who often attend social gatherings.

Appeal to the Target Audience

This photo ad has a great appeal not only to anyone who will see this ad but most of all to its target audience. It has a mixture of humor since the man has exchanged position with the woman which could be very plain and dull if it was taken the other way around. However, because of this strategy, the message and the photo becomes more and more appealing to the reader.

The Message It Implies

When a reader analyzes the message, one will immediately get the message that alcohol drinking, if not taken moderately is not good most especially to women. Women get pregnant and so drinking alcohol too much is definitely not good for them. Moreover, drinking alcohol too much is also not good for men because it is not good for health. Too much alcohol may cause men to have bad body because of the toxins that the alcohol substances bring to the body. In the middle of the page, the slogan of Absolut Vodka, “In an Absolut World” is written. Anybody has the right to enjoy most especially that we are living in an absolute world and this is where the promotion of the product comes into the picture. Absolut Vodka is the best alcohol drink one can have in an absolute world.

Enjoy With Absolut Responsibility

This message is very clear. It is alright to enjoy as long you don’t forget your responsibility. This is true for everything most especially in alcohol drinking. Drink alcohol in a level that you can still tolerate it. Everything that a person does always comes with a certain responsibility.


In making a print ad, a marketer should always remember that an objective must be established at the same time; only one proposition should be presented. Gone are the days when print ads were created to promote the product (Ad 2007). While it should be one of the objectives, nowadays, additional message should also be implied because readers now are looking for something new more than just a promotion of a certain project. The illustration of print ads might have ways of getting the attention of readers and viewers, the print ad should have more than one function (Advertising 2007). Readers are smarter now. If there is no specific function, they end up confused and may tend to switch to another ad without finishing reading or analyzing your ad.

I could say that Absolut Vodka’s print ad has achieved the goals of a successful print ad.


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