Abstract of Radishes as Pesticide

3 March 2017

Making use of radish extract as an effective alternative method of getting rid of insects and pests like worms, ants, and aphids was studied in this research project. The purpose of this experiment is to prove that radish extract can be used as an insecticide. The researchers first gathered all the materials needed to complete the experimentation. First washed, sliced, and pounded the radish tubers using the mortar and pestle. Then the researchers extracted it by using a clean strainer, strained and acquired the juice of the radish.

After completing the three setups, the researchers sprayed it on the insects and observed what happened. They tried several trials to determine the more effective proportion and gathered all the recorded observations. From the experiment conducted, the researchers observed that pure radish extract is more effective than the one which was added with water. This shows that the radish extract is effective in killing certain pests.

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Therefore, the researchers conclude that the pure radish extract can be used as pesticide and is more effective than the mixture of the combined water and extract.

This research study helps everyone to know whether the radish extract is really an effective alternative pesticide; thus, not only helping people to save and apply practicality, but also reduce the number of people using chemicals as pesticide which are distractive to nature. The study entitled, “Radish Extract as a Pesticide” is guided by the following questions: 1. What is the effect of radish extract as pesticide on certain pests? 2. Can radish extract be effectively used as a pesticide?

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