Abstract The purpose of my research is to identify whether teenage boys particular African American experience racial inequality in 1980s America, that is why I came up with this research question: F*ck the Police by NWA describe or pictures racial inequality in America in the 1980s. In my research the scope is that I would be focusing on 1980s America and mainly focuses on the song F*ck the Police by NWA in which I would be looking at the racial inequality that African American experience on a daily basis from the authority, however there are some limitation to my research because I would be only focusing on a certain decade also I would be only looking at the perspective of the NWA on how they view police brutality. My research would be conducted by finding out meaning of some of the lyrics that I have chosen, and try to relate them to my research question also I would also be looking on how the lyrics could prove the mistreatment of the African American by the police. In my research I found out that police brutality during the 1980s were very high especially towards the African American and the song F*ck the Police by NWA share their views on how they felt about these action against them, also on how these authority figure discriminate according to race.

Nabil 10N 4 Introduction I choose this topic for my research because with the millions of music being released everyday, some of those music have a story or background on how a particular artist or group produce a song. This topic would contain some explicit and controversial language this particular music group is very vital not just to the music industry but also in the matter of racism and police brutality. They express their thoughts in a way that majority of the people during that era would not come to mind, and with there color of there skin being “black” or minority race they are usually misjudged at the same time they are wrongly accused. In my research you could inquire millions of information about racial inequality in America still exist in the modern era, people claim that it has disappear but in reality it has not vanished. On my research you could also acquire knowledge on how challenging it is to be a black or being a colored teen in the 1980s on how they are racially profile by the authority, they have zero privilege against the whites and society always depicts negative thoughts about them even though they did nothing wrong. I have interest in this matter because it has a tremendous impact in the world, not just in the matter of being colored teen but the way society view them. I adore there music because they sang there music from there heart and it’s the only way they could express what they have in mind about the current situation that they are currently facing, and also it’s the only other way that they would not be misjudged by the authority.

This is why there songs and the way they act fascinates to a degree, that’s why I came up with this research question: How the lyric to the famous song F*ck the Police by NWA describe or pictures racial inequality in America in the 1980s. Nabil 10N 5 Review of Related Literature NWA or (Niggaz with Attitude) is a rap group from LA in which they rap on what they saw in reality, people call there style of music “gangsta rap” but they prefer to be called reality rap because they depict from what they are going through in life. They felt backed up on a corner and nobody cared about there situation and that there music was there only weapon (Lindores, 2015). NWA is consist of 6 members: Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Dr Dre, DJ Yella, Arabian Prince and MC Ren in which they all shared the same experience on the racism that they encounter everyday from the authority or American citizens. Eazy-E (Eric Wright), a former drug dealer who started Ruthless Record using the money he earned by doing drug dealing, he was aiming to build a rap empire by drafting a roster of outstanding rappers, but it was not much of a success until he met Dr Dre (Andre Young). He was a member of the World Class Wrekin’ Cru and Ice Cube (O’shea Jackson) started writing lyrics for Ruthless Record. Eazy-E try to create a song with this duo called Boyz-n-DaHood but was decline, Eazy-E form the NWA with Dre and Cube attracting a new member in DJ Yella (Antoine Carraby) from the World Class Wrekin’ Cru, Arabian Prince (Kim Renard Naze).

The following year they added MC Ren Nabil 10N 6 (Lorenzo Patterson) in which he brings the unorthodox innovation of public enemy and also bringing a self consciously violent lyrical stance. F*ck the Police was a song from the second album NWA called Straight Outta Compton, in which this album receive no media exposure but still have a successful underground hit and the group introduce their “gangsta rap” into mainstream. F*ck the Police describe the tension between African American teenager and law enforcement, this songs really stands out than the other songs because of it’s controversial message. The context of this song as describe in the first few line the lyrics is that the judicial system was mock by the NWA, in which MC Ren step up and prove racial stereotyping thru rap lyrics (Seminar, 2015). This song shook the world because it was one of the first to raise the question of freedom of speech and censorship, in which the FBI were involve because they think this song promotes violence and assault to which the FBI were strongly against because they are part of the law enforcement agency. This songs was blame by the FBI in any crime against the police, many American activist and fans believed that the FBI have step out of the line in the dealing with this matter because a government agency could determine or influence an artist, this contradicts the First Amendment in which states freedom of speech for all. In the year 1989 NWA was going to held a concert in Detroit and they were warned not to perform the song F*ck the Police, but the group neglected the Nabil 10N 7 warning and start to sing this song.

The group makes a stand for freedom of speech by performing this song because there promoters agree not to perform this because of the threat by the Detroit Police Force, the police already surround the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit incase they decided to perform this song and later that evening when police rush to the stage the group was arrested (Hinds, 2015). Racism is a constant problem that we face throughout the world in which discrimination is more imminent and in many forms; America is one of the most well known countries in which they encounter racism at a daily basis especially for the African Americans. African Americas experience slavery from the early 17th century in which European colonization is on it’s highest peak, people are kidnapped turn to slave even though some of them are of royalty blood and literate. These slaves is being use as goods they could be bought or sold at a price in which they are required to work at plantation for their slave master, although not all of the African American were slave those who are free have discriminatory laws that they have to obey as well the belief in the society that white people are dominant than the black people. During the time of the of Ronald Reagan in the 1980s discrimination against the African American were after the Jim Crows segregation a couple of decades back, the Reagan era manage to channel anti black prejudice into a wider anti government because he believe that federal program focuses to much on underserving “black people” in helping build his anti government views (Shmoop Editorial Team, 2008). At the present “black people” still encounter racism even in their job, education black are still second to the Asians and White’s and some employers use different way to differentiate the minority. Nabil 10N 8 Hypothesis In my research I found out a couple of interesting answer in which would answer my research question: How the lyric to the famous song F*ck the Police by NWA describe or pictures racial inequality in America in the 1980s.

I found out thru my research that at that time period of the 1980s African American were being discriminated at an alarming rate, and social class doesn’t matter they would always discriminated at any form. Teens were the majority victims of this hate crime because teens were quickly connected to drugs, with this connection African American teens were easily the target for authority and they are allowed to use force if necessary. NWA was compose of black teenagers in which they experience first hand these behavior from the police, in which they channel there anger and thought thru their songs thus it reflects their views and what is currently happening. (” A young nigga got it bad cause I’m brown” ” They have the authority to kill the minority”) these two lyrics from the song F*ck the Police clearly give us a view on what these teenage boys experience on a daily basis, also the lyrics support that violence is neccesary in order to arrest this teenager even killing is an option. This evidence clearly specify that police brutality is emminent in the 1980s towords the “black people” and the song F*ck the Police by NWA gave us a clear description on how racism towards the blacks is being done by the police and on how these people felt. Nabil 10N 9 Methodology I would analyze the lyrics of the song, the particular song that I would be using is F*ck the Police by NWA in which I would look meaning behind certain lines of the song and try to connect it to my research question in order to obtain my answer. I would gather the background information about my research thru these website (BBC, Nations of Billion, Mix Mag and Shoomp), in which it would give me extensive knowledge about my research and to further solidfy my hypothesis.

I use quite a lot of different sites because I need to situate my paper to the current situation that is currently happening in the 1980s America, also I have to relate the meaning of the lyrics to the situation at that time in 1980s to help me in uncovering what are the certain meaning of lyrics trying to inform us about what is currently happening. I would take some of the lyrics and try to decipher them such these ones (” A young nigga got it bad cause I’m brown” ” They have the authority to kill the minority”) and try to situate them in to the 1980s (Genius, 1988). In my research I would encounter some limitation that would hindered my research, that is I would only be focusing at one song and that one song would be based on the point of view of the artist. The point of view would only be purely based on the NWA not the police or the anyone else also I would only be focusing on one particullar time period and that would be the 1980s and it would be purely on events happenng on that particullar decade thus the events prior would have no effect on the outcome of my research.

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