Absurdistan: The Home of the Russian Fisherman Essay Sample

Absurdistan is a 2006 novel by Gary Shteyngart. a Russian Born Jew. In 1979. he moved with his household to New York. The novel is chiefly about an fleshy Russian named Misha Vainberg. It chronicles Misha’s adventures as a 325-pound boy of the 1. 238Thursdayrichest adult male in Russia and his battle to acquire back to his love Rouenna who lives in the South Bronx. Misha’s male parent. a gangster. kills a outstanding man of affairs in Oklahoma. doing the authorities to censor them from come ining the U. S. Through the cynicism fueled aid of other people. Misha was able to come in Absurdistan. where he was subsequently trapped due to a civil war.

In the first chapter. a eating house found in the delta of the Neva river. called The Home of the Russian Fisherman is created as the scene. The eating house is celebrated to stylish people since it is where you are allowed to catch fish in their unreal lake and acquire it cooked subsequently by the staff. Besides. the eating house is divided into four pontoons. viz. Engendering Salmon. Imperial Sturgeon. Capricious Trout. and Sweet Little Butterfish.

The eating house. being celebrated for their unusual manner of service is frequented by Misha and his American friend. Alyosha-Bob. It is clearly stated how the eating house is a really nice topographic point to dine with friends. “Another ball of fish fell into my oral cavity. this one good dusted with Petroselinum crispum and olive oil. ” ( Shteyngart ) In Vainberg’s recount of the kabob. it is easy discernible how delightful the nutrient in the eating house is.

Possibly the most of import function of the eating house in the novel is the fact that it was the topographic point where Misha learned of the decease of his darling male parent. In add-on to this. the twenty-four hours his male parent died. he was with his step-mother. Lyuba. who was 10 old ages younger than him. his best friend. Alyosha-Bob and his girlfriend. Svetlana. and his ain darling Rouenna.

It is funny to believe that his favourite eating house would be the locale for the get downing point of the novel ; intending to state that the decease of his male parent would finally be the event that would put the wheels in gesture for the at hand escapade Misha was to travel through.

Work Cited:

Shteyngart. G. .Absurdistan. Random House Trade Paperbacks. 2007.

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