Abu Dhabi Police Pestel Analysis

1 January 2017

This includes both the citizens and the visitors who can consecutively be involved in investment in the country (Abu Dhabi Police , 2011). This has completely led to Abu Dhabi to have a mission of providing a safer community through reduction of crime, and contribution towards the act of justice being implemented in the best manner as their goal to achieve their mission. Customers of Abu Dhabi Police Customers of the Abu Dhabi police may appear to originate either internal, (from the organization) or external (members of the public).

It may respond to needs of the society, that is, on the security issue (external) and can also respond to reinforcement if their member police are in need of help (internal). This shows it serves customers from any side provided ones needs are in the category which they are able to offer their services (Abu Dhabi Police , 2011). Customer Value Proposition In this organization, the customers are the most valued in the act of providing security in their surroundings. Justice is delivered to each and every member of the society without the act of delay.

The organization has already put in place security as an experience which is valued by each and every member of the community either being a visitor or a resident. From this need, Abu Dhabi police has provided for the people enough security and strengthened the implementation of justice to members of the community. Value adding Abu Dhabi police organization, human resource management is the yardstick of all the operations. It is believed that HR is the most vital asset which any organization can ever have with the aim of driving the work force.

It has therefore have been out for the correct people being matched with their correspondent job skills. This results to the right people being in the right positions of their jobs increasing the service delivery hence efficiency and effectiveness is achieved. The organization also emphasize in the act of bringing in competent technical personnel in regard to security and justice provision or implementation. These are the officers who can easily relate with the outside customers and know what they really need to be provided with.

This is the act of conducting an outside –in market strategy in order to provide what is needed but not what they think is needed in the targeted market. They are also individuals who their individual performance will at the long run lead to attainment of the organizational goals. The organization is trying to create value through its adjustment to the changing technology. Technology is the most dynamic factor in production, however if there is no any adjustment with how it changes, then the organization may find itself providing for services which are outdated.

Abu Dhabi police are growing together with the changing technology to create value to the customers’ needs. PESTDL Model Macro-Environment Any operating business is affected by factors which are either arising from within the organization (micro-environmental factors) or factors which may be arising from outside (macro-environmental factors) (Gillespie, 2007). Micro-environmental factors are categorized using the PESTEL model. They include the following; 1. Political factors These are the factors which are with the accordance of how the government is involved in the business activities.

Government may want to control the products which may otherwise be dangerous in hands of ordinary citizens. Government should also be involved in the provision of services such social amenities. Government is also involved in subsidizing some products which are produced by the individuals, in order minimize the production cost which will be reflected in the prices of the products or the services rendered. As the Abu Dhabi provides for its services to the citizens, is in a proper position to act in accordance to the law in meeting the customers’ needs. 2. Economic factors

These are some of the factors which include interest rates, inflation and deflation, and taxation rates among other factors. In cases where inflation is being experienced, normally a lot of money is used in chasing just a small quantity of goods or services. The employees are always out seeking for high salaries bringing to unfavorable business environment. Abu Dhabi police are out to promote national income growth through the provision of a secure environment for productivity. In this regard, this has boosted the demand for their services from the public (Handy, 1999). 3. Social factors

This is the composition and size of the population in the part the organization is serving. Any change in size or composition of the organization determines the demand of the firm’s products. Over the current years, the number of the population of the people in Emirates has been increasing to large numbers. This has been prompted by the increasing number of visitors to the area. Consequently it has led to Abu Dhabi services being demanded by most of the people. 4. Technological factors Technological advances have led to creation of new products and new services being offered to the market.

Technology over the past years since the invention of the human intelligence and computers, it has been a very dynamic factor which influences the products produced or the services rendered. Abu Dhabi police has been changing with the changing levels of technology to provide services which are in line with the needs of the consumers. 5. Demographic factors Demographic factors are the composition of the population in either age of the sex. Abu Dhabi is a company which provides services to either the aged or the young ones. This increases their demand for the services which they offer to the general publics. 6. Legal factors

This is regarded to as the factors which arise from the laws which are provided for in the land which the business operates in. Abu Dhabi police is the branch or the security which ensures that legal measures are followed by everyone in the land it operates in, hence raising demand in services which they offers. Roles and functions of the HRM The roles of different human resource management is not stipulated but is only provided by the theories of HRM management. However, the functions of the human resource include; Recruitment where they make sure there is the right person for the right job (HR Management, 2008).

This is the act of picking only the qualified personnel and placing them on the right place in the organization. Employees should be remunerated in the right time. Much as the remuneration is given HRM should also provide for the fridge benefits to employees in order to motivate them. Performance management is also HRM function. This where they have to evaluate performance, reward the best performers, and provide the best measures where there is under performance (Bhagria, 2010). Training either the already existing employees or new ones is a function of HRM.

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