AC/DC – Stiff Upper Lip

6 June 2019

Since Angus and Malcolm Young formed AC/DC in 1973, the bandhas kept fans loyal by spinning out albums with a distinct style. From theunmistakable lyrics of Bon Scott and Brian Johnson, to Angus’ fast-paced,headbobbing solos, AC/DC is a music genre all their own. The new album,”Stiff Upper Lip,” does not show a change in the band’s attitude about rock;they’re still rolling strong.

“Stiff Upper Lip” combines vintagevocals, pounding drums and shredding solos reminiscent of 1995’s”Ball-breaker.”

The new fast-paced album has 12 tracks, andnone will disappoint you. AC/DC has always written about what they know best:fast cars, women and alcohol. The lyrics aren’t made to be pondered; they’re goodlistening and make a great album with a classic rock soul. AC/DC is keeping itreal and for this I commend them.

I definitely recommend “Stiff UpperLip,” as well as any AC/DC album.

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If you are into AC/DC, or just a rockenthusiast, this album is for you.

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