AC2ID test and REDS2 test of British Airways

6 June 2016

British Airways has received a lot of media attention as it has undergone several changes in its identity over the years. These changes in its identity have been crucial components to its strategically changes that keeps changing frequently. While some of this changes have received appreciations, some have been censured. This paper will make an attempt to conduct AC2ID test and REDS2 test in order to find out whether there is any identity misalignment, and if any such misalignment is found, then how to correct this.

Since early 1980 prior to which BA went through a very appalling phase, the organization has gone through a very dramatic phase. The last three decades have seen various changes which have sometimes been turbulent. Most of the time the changes helped the organization.

AC2ID test and REDS2 test of British Airways Essay Example

During this period, BA metamorphosed itself from a loss making government owned organization to a very focused and highly profitable company, then to a less British, more business-focused and relatively lower profit making organization. Very recently, however, the company has once again reaffirmed its British identity. (Williamson, 1997)

By employing AC2ID and REDS2 tests, the paper has identified five crucial phases that the organization has gone through over the last three decades. These periods have been identified as Adjusting, from 1881 to 1983; Appealing, from 1984 to 1987; Adoring, from 1988 to 1996; Astonishing, from 1997 to 2000; and Affirming, from 2001 to the present. These five eras will be analyzed here using the AC2ID test and REDS2 test.

AC2ID test and REDS2 test process:

AC2ID test reconciles five identity types of corporate brand management of a company. These five identities are actual identity, communicated identity, conceived identity, ideal identity and desired identity. Actual identity refers to the current features of an organization which are shaped by the ownership, leader style, structure of the organization, markets covered by the company’s product/service, the quantity as well as the quality of the product/service, business activities, and overall performance of the company.

The key concepts associated with this identity are corporate identity and organizational identity. Communicated identity, on the other hand, is generally revealed through the controllable ways of corporate communication. These channels include company’s relation with public, sponsorship and advertising.

The key concepts envisaged in this identity include the identities of corporate communications and the company’s relation with public. Another key identity, known to be as conceived identity simply refers to the perceptions that internal as well as external stockholders hold regarding the company. This conceived identity is related to the concepts of reputation and image of the company. Ideal identity, on the other hand, is typically expressed in terms strategic plans of the company. This identity actually refers to the optimum positioning of the brand in the market within a particular time frame.

This identity is usually expressed after completing a careful analysis of the competencies, assets etc. of the company along with predictions regarding the changing industrial, social, ethical, political, economical and technological scenario. The key concepts associated with this identity are company strategy and an analysis of the environment.

And finally, desired identity is the vision of the corporate leaders regarding the performance of the organization within a specific time frame. The key concepts associated with this identity are strategy and leadership. (Balmer and Greyser, 2002, pp.72-75; Balmer and Wilson, 1998, pp. 12-31)

The corporate management is responsible for managing all these five identities in such a way that they can be widely standardized. If the management fails to do so, there will occur misalignments. (Balmer and Greyser, 2002, pp.72-75; Balmer and Wilson, 1998, pp. 12-31)

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