Academic failure

7 July 2018

Academic failure occurs when the primary aims of education are not delivered to the degree that there is an ongoing breakdown in a student’s ability to learn. According to Dry Gordon Harold of the University’s School of Psychology, hillside’s experiences at home can have a direct impact on their performance at school. “The study shows what many have long suspected – family factors exert a real influence on children’s emotional and behavioral problems, as well as their academic achievement.In particular, children living in a family environment marked by frequent, intense and poorly resolved conflicts between parents are at greater risk for deficits in academic achievement than children living in more positive family environments” Based on studies, this problem is inconsiderably that students failed to Andre the curriculum.

This failure includes various aspects of educational failure such as rebellion, frequent absence from classes, dropping out and many more.

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Studies have shown that people shown that people with academic failure are more probable to rebel and use drugs at older ages; therefore, academic failure and dropout might result to rebellion, drug and alcohol addictions. There are three reasons why the researcher chose this topic; first, to identify the causes why teenagers of broken families are affected by the possibility to rebel; second, to deepen knowledge on why teenagers who fail academically rebel; and lastly, to provide awareness to the readers.Statement of the problem The aim of this study is to help people provide awareness of the current situations happening to students nowadays. To help them learn from their common mistakes. To accomplish the said goal, the researcher formulated three questions. 1.

What are the causes of academic failure resorting to rebellion among chosen teenagers of broken families in Code? 2. How do these causes of academic failure resort to rebellion among chosen teenagers of broken families? 3. Why are teenagers of broken families with academic allures the ones more affected by the possibility to rebel?Significance of the study This study of academic failure is beneficial to the reading community; this will serve as a model for the reading public to enhance student’s knowledge and skills. To the academic as his or her reference for his or her future researches, and for the researcher herself, to share the info she learned to other people. Scope and limitations This study includes specification of the several causes of academic failure, the elements that answers the question to the stated problems, the causes ND effects of academic failure resorting to rebellion, and lastly the significance of children to their parents.However, this study is only limited to the different aspects of Academic failures and how academic failure resort to rebellion. Methodology used in the study The researcher used a descriptive method of research in the study.

The first step which the researcher did was to look for five possible topics which she is interested. Second, the topics have been narrowed down from general topic, narrow down, and narrowed down further. Third, for every topic, she remunerated thesis statements and broke down three questions from the thesis statement.After the said steps, the researcher chose her topic which is Academic failures. The thesis statement was then; Academic failures resort to rebellion among chosen teenagers of broken families in Code. The broken questions were: 1. What are the causes of academic failure resorting to The fifth step was to compile preliminary bibliographies.

The researcher went to the City Library, Xavier University library, the school’s library, and the internet to look for possible bibliographies.A three by five index card was then used to write down the forty-five preliminary bibliographies. Sixth, collecting of forty-five note cards answering the three questions and taking down of notes was then begun by using a five by eight index cards. Seventh, the researcher made an outline for her to have a guide in arranging her ideas. And lastly, she made her first draft which included the brief background of the study, succinct reasons Of choosing the topic, statement Of the problem, significance of the study, scope and limitations, and the methodology used in the study.

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