Academic Honesty Essay

7 July 2018

Another issue concerning online learning is students making false citations, and claiming false research. Although there are many different reasons why students choose to be dishonest in their studies, it needs to be known that Academic Honesty is key to the success of students in online learning. A key way to staying Honest and on track with your education is to have a list of steps to make sure that your papers are estimate.

The first step is to actually conduct research for your papers and use the research that you have found.Be honest in your research and findings, it will help you to much better understand the subject topic that you are learning about. By using true citations and research your teacher can easily review your work and see that you have actually put time and effort into your work. The second step would be to use peer reviewed articles or journals in your text, by using peer-reviewed articles in your work you know youth are using a legitimate source and are not reading and posting false information.

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The third and final step would be to use the plagiarism checker under the Center for Writing Excellence. The plagiarism checker will help to ensure that you are producing legitimate writings. Popularizing others work will ultimately end up in the student receiving no credit for the work produced.

Academic Honesty is very important for us as students to utilize and understand in order to accomplish our educational goals. Using the steps sites above can and will ensure that students are using Integrity in their writings.

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