Academic integrity

I feel they are both important in the sense they help you communicate to your peers, colleagues and everyone else in an effective manner through email, letters and corporate memos. Why is integrity important in writing? Think integrity is important for writing in academics. Being able to submit a paper or essay with the confidence your work is completely honest is a great feeling. I feel being honest in your writing gives others a reason to trust you ND inform others you are responsible.I feel if these characteristics are shown in your writing they also show the kind of character you have as a person. These traits can prove too teacher, administration, school and employer you are worthy of being a part of their organization.

The value of having integrity is something you will carry with you not only in school, but also in other phases of your life. How can you avoid plagiarism? There are byways you can avoid plagiarism.One way is to be honest to submit your own work and not someone else’s. Another way is to ensure you are giving credit to the resources you have used to gather and state your facts. If you properly posture citations, references and paraphrases this will help you in a huge way. Another way is to ensure the information you are using for your facts are also accurate and provide by a reliable sources. Ensure the information you are basing your paper is an accredited institution.

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