Academic Integrity

As members and students of an academic community, we are entitled to a wide extent of freedom in the pursuit of scholarly interests.

With that freedom, however, comes the responsibility to uphold high ethical standards of academic conduct. At the beginning of each school year, each student has standards that they hope to achieve over the course of a semester; whether its getting an A or participating more in class, every student has the chance to achieve. Having academic integrity shows illnesses to put the time into the work and do the best possible.Richard Fuller once said, “Integrity is the essence of everything successful” (Fuller). And I could not agree more, because to gain success, one must earn it. It’s really how much we learn or understand from our professors that are most important. Our professor’s act as mentors and we should take advantage of what they have to offer, knowledge is the greatest gift of all.

Though struggle as we may at times in learning new things, we must not give up. Academic integrity also means not to act dishonestly.If don’t know something or need help, I will ask my professor. A grade of “C” is better if I learned something, rather than a grade of “A” by being dishonest and not understanding a subject. Besides this, having academic integrity will make my goals more gratifying. In conclusion, having academic integrity as I go through school will make me exceptionally better and a more ethical person. Academic integrity can not only relate to school, but also in life.

No matter owe many times we fail or fall, we get back up.

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