Academic, Personal Management, and Teamwork Skills

These are probably the most important skills you have to get, because nowadays employers are looking for people with best academically background, because they know that a better prepared employee can give better answers at the time of working, but of course, as a worker you must be prepared for every kind of situation, because you never know what can happen, and I say this on the Academic Skills because one of these skills is the capacity to learn and adapt yourself to the situation you have to solve.On the other hand, personal management I?s an important skill and here is the reason. Nowadays employers are not just looking for smart people, they are not just looking for barbarians that can be very good at what they do but they can’t control their emotions, they’re now looking for people with a level of “Emotional Intelligence”, because they think “There’s nothing to do with a guy that knows the whole process, but cannot accept a constructive critic” so hat’s the reason the Personal Management is one of the most important skills In a job.

And finally we have teamwork skills. It’s obvious you will not be away from civilization when you work. It’s well known that you must interact with several people during your work hours, and you must know that getting along well with them its an important step for this skill. You must be patient, tolerant and last but not least, participative, because as a team you must take decisions together and respect others opinion.So, we can conclude that: Workers must be integral persons, with academically, personal, and teamwork skills, so they can get along well with their work partners and environment. We must not focus on having or enhancing just one of these skills, on the contrary we must work out the three of them, because the three of them are important. It doesn’t matter we don’t have the three of these skills, no one is born knowing everything, we can enhance a develop this, and many more skills.

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