Academics: Writing Assignments

6 June 2018

Speaking An introduction to the speaking test Vocabulary Vocabulary – words with ‘A’ Vocabulary- words with ‘B’ and ‘C’ Practice test practice test #1 Academic skills/grammar Academic writing 1 – an introduction The tenses Block TWO Bar charts Writing (Task l) nine graphs Writing (Task II) Analyzing the question writing (Task II) Getting ideas and planning Form/summary/table/flowchart/notes completion questions Sentence completion Skimming, scanning and reading detail Headings style questions Short answer q questionsPart One – Giving information and explaining Part One – Describing Part One ; Likes, dislikes and preferences Vocabulary- words with ‘D’ and ‘E’ Vocabulary- words with ‘F’ and ‘G’ Vocabulary- words with ‘H’ and ‘l’ Practice test #2 Linking words Academic writing 2 – punctuation Block Three Pie charts Tables Writing an introduction Paragraphing Multiple choice Short answer questions Sentence completion questions Summary/table/flowchart/notes completion questions Labeling a diagram Part Two – Preparing notesPart Two – The long turn Vocabulary- words from J’ to ‘M’ Vocabulary- words with ‘In and ‘O’ Vocabulary- words with ‘P’ and ‘Q’ Practice test #3 Academic skills/gram mar Passive sentences Academic writing 3 – articles Block Four processes Diagrams Presenting and supporting opinions Writing a conclusion Labeling a diagram, plan or map Matching and classifying Locating information in a paragraph part Three – Responding in part Three part Three.

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