4 April 2015
This paper describes the advantages of the database program Access.

This paper focuses on an examination of some of the most important features of Access, including the ease that it provides in developing applications and of the VBA IDE in both developing and debugging code in VBA. It provides working examples and step-by-step instructions for certain features.

From the paper:

“A database is simply an organized collection of data that can be accessed (hence the name of the software, of course) and manipulated through a management system (often called by its initials, DBMS) such as Access. (It should also be noted that a number of other quite good DBMS software exists, including Oracle and SQL Server). Software such as Access provides the user with the tools needed to organize data in a way that is both efficient and yet also flexible. Access, like other DBMS programs, allows a user to add, delete and change data in the database, to ask questions about that data and to produce a variety of kinds of reports summarizing some or all of the data in a database.

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