Accessibility for physically disabled in public places

The physically disabled people in the society need special attention. Recently they have been able to live full and healthier lives courtesy of modern technology. Physically disabled include those with hearing or sight impairment and those who can’t stand or walk on their own. The physically challenged need special attention in education, transport, in shopping centers and other public places.

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Accessibility for physically disabled in public places
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They end up spending a lot of money to acquire necessities compared to normal people. Although acts have been put in place to deter discrimination due to disability in public places, employment still poses a threat to PWD’s. Families with disabled members need to improve their homes to accommodate the challenged members. Although the overall number of PWD’s is not well known and largely depends on definition of disability, there are approximately 53 million people officially disabled in the U.S about 38% of highest proportion of the disabled have hearing virtual impairment.

There are few institutions providing the needed requirements to make life easier for the physically. Most families can’t afford the necessary tools for them and they have to go to these institutions. Guelph is one example that provides accessible housing and transportation facilities accessing public occasions for the physically challenged poses a problem for them. (Victoria, 2006)

Physical disability could be from birth whereby one with spina bifida would have a nerves damage that would impede mobility. With little or no provision of services for the disabled, their families are forced to move to places they can get the same. Guelph offers 24 hours attendance and the disabled can perform their tasks at any time.

There also accessible showers the kitchen shelves are at an appropriate height. Remote control to open the door is also an important gadget provided that enables the disabled open the door without problems. Shopping for the disabled could be a problem but if businesses adapted to meet their demands and accommodate them better. There should be wheelchair accessible and stores ought to have automatic doors. (NA, 2004)

Demand for the provision of services for people with disabilities is increasing and there’s need for more government intervention and providing for these services. Non-profit making organizations and well-wishers can chip in and assist in this. Such institutions lack enough funds appropriate for the services they provide and this makes it difficult to satisfy the increased demand.

Buildings designed for able-bodied people are awkward, frustrating and unusable for the disabled. Challenges faced by the disabled in trying to cope with the unsuitable physically environment translates to increase social and financial problems. Working becomes difficult for them where distance hinders easy commuting. Rehabilitation and improved technology has improved the lives of the disabled by providing aids. (

Although there are variations in disabilities and thus variations in aids to be used, the disabled face same problems for instance their inability to respond or react quickly makes them more susceptible to accidents. Considering the PWD’s limits and incorporating such aspects when designing buildings will go a long way in improving their accessibility to buildings.

Buildings entrances and toilets pose the greatest challenge for PWD’s. Some door ways are too narrow or have steps making it difficult for wheelchairs to pass. Too little space in the toilet facilities or fixtures designed to be used in a standing position are a huge problem the PWD’s face.

Telephone booths are also difficult for the PWD’s to use especially those that require the standing positions. Transportation, recreational, educational, employment and housing facilities should be designed to meet the needs of all people in the society.

Making taxis accessible for people with disabilities would help improve PWD’s mobility from one place to the other. Most taxis do not offer such services and these acts as a barrier in the transportation of PWD’s. Long buses designed for able people are difficult for PWD’S to use. It is important that PWD’s have a sense of independence which they can get if necessary machinery were put in place to enable them perform their own tasks. ‘Disability is not inability’ and they would prove this by attending to themselves. Low-floor buses with wide doors would make it easy for PWD’s especially those on wheelchairs to travel bus.  {Insert picture}

To eradicate difficulties for PWD’s in accessing educational facilities, schools should have accommodating facilities. Universities should be accessible to make the disabled competent enough in the job market. This will be a step forward in trying to improve the status of PWD’s in the society. Facilities the universities should provide include accessible washrooms and elevators. University of Guelph is one example of a university providing such facilities. Recreational facilities like swimming should be well built so that PWD’s can be able to access them. Festivals should be held in fully accessible places that would accommodate PWD’s. (Victoria, 2006)

Improvement in recreational facilities should extend from the schools, colleges and universities to the city’s level. Issuance of Personal Assistant for Leisure activities (PAL) cards that subsidize recreational facilities is a positive move that can be used to make PWD’s enjoy life like other able bodied people in society. PAL would ensure that a disabled person goes into a recreation facility with assistance at no added cost.

 PWD’s face challenges in their social life. They do not interact well with other people in society. Discrimination based on disability is still an issue. Perception that PWD’s are incapacitated human beings hinders the effective interactions with all sorts of people. PWD’s tend to high tempered and the able bodied fear crossing their paths. PWD’s do not like the pitiful attitude posed to them and this creates a strenuous relationship between the two parties.

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