The welfare of people around a certain area or in a certain line of work is of utmost importance. Thus, it is necessary to provide measures to prevent the possibility of accident related events to occur. The formation of such measures is done through careful analysis of the area being considered. Only through complete analysis can possible dangers be sorted out and potential measures aimed at accident prevention materialize. In fact, accident prevention is vital in more places than commonly perceived.

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In the working area of builders and construction personnel, specifically during the event of constructing a house, several perils have been pointed out including falling debris, live electrical wirings, collisions, slips, and falls. Some of these dangers may seem to be capable of causing only mild pains or injuries but some are considerably fatal. Thus, prevention measures such as the use of hard hats, tool belts, electrical precaution guidelines, as well as proper flooring installation are required during house construction.

Healthcare facilities even with strict protocols are not completely accident proof. Depending on the specific job of a person in a healthcare facility, the potential dangers vary. Some of such dangers are exposure to radiation, diseases, and chemicals. Take note that even though workers are the main people at risk, the patients are at a certain level of risk as well. Thus, the management of healthcare facilities usually trains their employees properly so as to prevent accidents occurring for both the employees and clients.

With such examples, it is evident that accident prevention is not an easy task. As stated, careful attention to details regarding the causative agents of accidents is needed. In contrast, the difficulty of the task does not outweigh its importance. Given this, accidents are considered to be preventable; therefore, the development of accident prevention measures is fundamental for every area since the proper execution of such measures will minimize if not eliminate the effect of hazards, in turn preventing unnecessary injuries or death.

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