6 June 2019

It was the last day of school and I was so excited for the summer. The bells rang at 3:20 and I was out. My friend Tony and I were ready for the first summer night a night with a lot of party’s My mom called me around 3:45 to say that my Dad needed to be picked up so I continued down 72nd Street I stopped at a red light right before the Lst entrance (my dad works for a construction company on 75th and L). The light turned green and I continued through the intersection going up to a green arrow. I proceeded left and a white van going about 65 mph on a 45 speed limit slammed into my right side of my car I slammed on my breaks and the white van keep on going destroying my all of the hood my car and bumper. I hit my head on the car and my friend Tony hit his head on the dashboard. I got out to exchange information with the lady in her car and she was crying. I said I was sorry for not seeing you come. But I knew it wasn’t my fault it was hers. Before you knew it there was a cop asking information from both of us and what happened I told my story but she said she had a green light as well and I knew she was lying. I had to get my car towed of the street because it was smoking so badly and I asked the tow man if he thinks my car will still work and he said it was totaled. Lucky no one was hurt and worse yet killed in this accident but it mad a very scary last day of school for me.

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