accidental raccist by brad paisley

8 August 2019

There is a very large controversy over this newly released song by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J. There is a line that I understand controversy over it is “if you don’t judge my gold chains …. Ill forget the iron chains” you should not forget the past but you should not live in it. Warning some people will be offended by the lyrics. This song is about not living in the past and people need to stop being racist. That is mutual and maybe it’s not just being racist but what about bullying some people take bullying if you’re of a different skin color and your bullying a white person some people call that racism. People take some topics and they say that they need to pay more attention… sometimes less. People if you don’t pay enough attention to something that is very important then maybe you should start. If you pay o much attention you might want to go a little slower and don’t make everything hyped up to something it’s NOT. We are the new generation we need to take action. No matter where we live people have trouble if your white it’s like you can’t talk to a different colored person and if you do it’s like you get judged. One of the lines is “I see that white cowboy hat and I think you wish I wasn’t here” sung by LL COOL J. People these days say this but kind of in reverse because sometimes personally it’s like you try to talk to someone and they look at you funny and turn and look away. What I’m saying is that you should listen to this song and see for yourself what I’m trying to say. In my own opinion there is nothing wrong with this song. Some people say that two people singing about such a delegate topic is not right….. Well I’m sorry but y’all need to grow up. One of the lines is “our generation didn’t start this nation…” it is true our generation DID NOT START THIS NATION. In my opinion this is a wonderful song and if you like country a little and rap some then you might like this song. I support this song and I understand the lyrics because I don’t want to live in the past like some people. I feel the point of this song was to get people’s attention and get them realizing that just because our ancestors did this stuff doesn’t mean we don’t have to.
This is a great song and I recommend it to anyone who asked me if I knew any good songs.

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