Accidentally Becoming a Gold Medalist

4 April 2019

It was simple. Lift the weight and win. The only thing standing between me and my
medal was my competitor and what looked like a hundred pound bar. The bar seemed to daunt
me as I tried to figure out how to lift it without making a fool of myself. As I looked to the side,
trying to forget about the intimidating bar, I saw a boy, and another one, and another one. As I
took a closer look, I began to realize that only boys had entered the weightlifting competition.
They glanced at me wondering why a scrawny eight year old girl had entered the competition. I
began to doubt myself. I realized then, that I had nothing to lose by trying. I glanced at my
family, cheering me on from the sidelines, and I made my decision. As the starting time neared, we
positioned ourselves in front of the bars, waiting.

As the bell went off, we scrambled to be the first one to lift the bar. Flashes went off as
we lifted the bars above our heads. Surprise flashed across our faces as locals attempted to hide
their laughter. I put the bar down and looked around confused. I had managed to lift possibly a
hundred pounds above my head and couldn’t understand everyone’s amusement. Shouldn’t they
be in a state of complete awe and amazement? After all, a young girl had just won the
competition. Little did I know that in a language I didn’t understand was written something along
the lines of “made from foam”.

Accidentally Becoming a Gold Medalist Essay Example

This fact, told to me later on, didn’t matter as I stood proudly waiting for my medal and
still doesn’t hold any importance today. That day, I walked with my head held high knowing that
there was nothing that would be able to stand in my way.

Today, my medal hangs proudly above my bed reminding me of the day I won my first
Olympic game in the Changi airport. It reminds me that every challenge can be met with a little
effort and no win is insignificant. I live everyday with a positive mentality, attempting to meet
every challenge I face. Whether it be a national competition or a contest put on in an airport,
every opportunity taken is experience gained. Now I face challenges head on, looking forward to
the day I can say I achieved it.

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