Accidents: Traffic and Underground Roads

9 September 2016

Road accidents claim far too many lives. What can governments and individuals do to reduce this problem? Throughout this century, road accidents happen quite frequently around the world. As a result too many damages are caused and lives are claimed by these accidents. In my opinion, there are many things that governments and individuals should do in order to reduce this problem. Some of them I will mention on the following paragraphs. Firstly, one possible way to solve this problem would be to increase the amount of fines.

Obviously, if governments increase the penalties on breaking traffic laws, then people might prevent themselves from breaking rules. As a result, the number of traffic accidents would be reduced. This is just one solution. Another problem of road accidents is lack of special roads, especially roads for schoolchildren in my view. An alternative way to avoid road accidents is to increase the number of special roads, particularly, roads for students and schoolchildren, roads for bicycles and also reproduce the number of underground roads.

Accidents: Traffic and Underground Roads Essay Example

For instance, there are too many schools and too many pupils in the world. It is clear that majority of road accidents are caused by children. If governments increase the special roads for children and teach them effectively to use these roads, the number of accidents is likely to go down. If the steps above were taken on the way to prevent road accidents, I think the effects would be positive. To sum up, there are several ways to prevent road accidents. I mentioned just some of them. Although many measures are taken road accidents still remain a problem which we all need to fight against.

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