There was a time when a losing market research company enabled itself to acquire much better chances of resolving its problems. Such move has given me the chance to impart my knowledge and skills on how the current pool of talented employees can give their best performances to achieve a positive goal.

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The company conducts market researches for various entertainment media such as DVD, movies and video games. However, one of the three offices in Atlanta was clearly suffering from financial problems. I was assigned to properly manage this office with very low production and in effect, to render whatever expertise I have in order spare the department from closing down. I started my reformulation of the way the office was running by eliminating some technical issues and order misalignments of the operation processes.

Afterwards, I consulted with the employees and highlighted the motivation they possess in keeping up the function of the company in which, I ended up with six employees out of the 12. It was my assessment that their outgoing character and very good customer oriented attitude will be able to help the company to re-establish its foundation. I trained them rigorously to make sure that they understood the very concept of the existence of the office and how they will benefit from it. It also helped that I introduced various incentives and employee benefits programs to help them get going beyond their performance levels.

The reorganization of the work flow I injected to the company resulted to a very positive outcome. I was given four office locations within Atlanta to achieve a 40% production rate at the city. From a mere six employee unit, my domain reached up to 30 individuals who earned my trust while earning theirs as well. Such wonderfully crafted achievement propelled the office to be the third most productive city in the United States running for two years now, leading to various offers for me to train other units as well.

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