According to personality

8 August 2016

Briefly, the ‘E’ refers to Extraversion (vs. Introversion), which means that I am Outgoing and tend to focus on the outer world of people and things. The ‘N’ refers to Intuitive (vs. Sensing), which means my interests lie in relationships, and I focus on the Future with a view towards patterns and possibilities. The ‘F’ refers to Feeling (vs. Thinking), which means I tend to base decisions primarily on personal values and on What I feel is right. The ‘J’ refers to Judging (vs. Perceptive), which means I prefer to Approach life in a more planned and organized manner and like to have things settled.

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Generally, on an overall perspective, as an EFNJ, I am a warm, empathetic, Responsive, and responsible person. I am highly attuned to the emotions, needs, and Motivations of others. I look to find potential and good in everyone, and I enjoy helping Others to fulfill their potential. I can be a catalyst for individual and group growth, as I Am loyal and responsive to praise and criticism. I am sociable, a good facilitator to Others in a group and can provide inspiring leadership. As a complete Extravert (E), I am very outgoing and thrive on social interaction.

I Enjoy knowing many people and do not have any problem approaching a new person or Introducing people. I am easy to get to know, as I am very talkative, friendly and Approachable, and I am at ease being the center of attention. I prefer being active and Busy and am happiest in settings that are challenging and high energy. I would be most Successful and prefer a career environment that serves the public and affords Teamwork. I am comfortable leading and directing a group which offers pace, changes, And diversity.

In school, this aspect of my personality serves me well, with respect to Meeting new people and taking on new challenges. I am strong in class discussions And feel comfortable sharing my opinions and taking risks. In being solidly Intuitive (N), I have an active imagination and can be very Creative and innovative. My thoughts can cover several things at once, as I look toward The future, fantasizing and wondering about what could be. I enjoy the challenge of Learning new skills as I tend to get bored with the same old skills.

I am very good at Visualizing how an action or decision may affect things on a global scale, especially When advising others. I prefer a challenge, especially in my career, where I also enjoy The freedom to incorporate new ideas as inspired. This aspect of my personality likely Lends to me being a procrastinator, especially in school, as I often think about what Needs to be done, but don’t always act on it as I should for effective time management. However, this also enables me to express more creativity and originality.

I am very much a Feeling (F) person. I have often been told that ‘I wear my heart On my sleeve. ’ I harbor empathy and sympathy for others, and I resolve conflicts as Quickly as possible to achieve harmony. I believe that it’s important to validate all Feelings, both of myself and of others, even if I do not share or agree with them. I Respond better to praise and gestures of appreciation, although I am able to take Constructive criticism pretty well. I almost always put other’s feelings before my own, Which has not always fared me well.

At times I have chosen to try and help someone Which led to serious conflict within other areas of my life. I often find myself being ‘the Bigger person’ to maintain harmony. This aspect of my personality would serve well in a Public service environment, where helping people in a variety of capacities as the main Objective. This profile determined me to be Judging (J), however not dominantly. I do Exhibit qualities that sway me towards the Perceptive (P) type of personality as well.

I Am time-conscious and am more comfortable with routine. I generally have things in Order, and even though I establish goals, I am prove to changing them as new Information and/or opportunities present themselves. I prefer completing many task at a Time with not much regard as to how that may happen. One tasks at once Frustrates me. I can be easily distracted, but I always meet deadlines. Right now, this Aspect of my personality affects my approach to handling schoolwork more than in other Areas of my life.

I may not always put forth my best effort, unless I am really interested In the material, but I always get things done. Ideally, my work environment should be Fulfilling and satisfying, but one that I have some control over. I need a distinct Schedule, with clearly defined expectations, that affords stability and security. , I am an ENFP. I strongly agree with the ENF part in almost every aspect, and in considering the qualities that express Judging Vs. Perceptive, I feel I am a combination type, however leaning more towards the Judging type.

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