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In order to understand and analyze ‘accountants’ deeply, the basic information of it should be provided about them, such as the definition, where they work and what they do. In the conventional sense, accountants are concerned with recording and keeping financial accounts of businesses, which is one of the most important parts of accounting. However, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Shani Hartley (2010) points out that accountants convey and communicate financial information via the ways of accounts, advice and reports. Therefore, they not only help businesses make bigger profits in favourable times but also bring them out of difficult positions in the trying times. In addition, accountants’ work places are very flexible. They are employed by accounting companies, private businesses, governments and other organizations; in other words, they work throughout all industry areas (Hartley, 2010, p. 2). Thus, accountants can work for both individual and corporate businesses.

In terms of the work of accountants, firstly, it involves recording and keeping financial accounts for firms or individual businesses, which can help these businesses to gain the greatest interests and profits. Secondly, they also give advice focuses on financial planning, tax, costs and future budgets. Another task is that they need to present regular reports that judge and estimate the operative systems of the companies according to the detailed financial records and audits. Finally, one of six different bodies can give accountants qualifications (Accountant, 2009, p2).

The work can be divided into three main aspects. The first area is industrial and commercial work, where accountants serve a small or a large company, and make plans about how the company can develop better and effectively. Besides, they predict the costs, benefits and risks as well. Another area is private practice, which refers to providing services to clients at a professional accountancy company. Most importantly, these accountancy companies are not only some small local businesses, but also huge firms and multinational corporations. The final area is the public sector, which is working for public institutions such as the NHS, universities and local authorities (Accountant, 2009, p2).The most essential work of this area is to be an advisor. Because accountants have professional knowledge and skills in this field, as a consequence, they should offer efficient and precise advice on how to solve financial problems, increase money and control the budgets.

Page 2 Accountant: Accountancy and Modern Business Essay

As long as this fundamentalinformation about accountants is understood, the role of accountants can be discussed and analyzed completely.

B. Compare the role of accountants in the past with in modern business

1. The role of accountants in the past
2. The role of accountants in modern business
a. The importance of accountants in modern business
b. How has it changed?
C. Why has the role changed?
1. The improvement of technology
2. The expansion of knowledge
3. The complexities of business
D. To what extent has this been a significant change?
1. To what extent has this been a useful change?
2. What are the implications/ effects of these changes for accountants/ for business? III. Conclusion

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