4 April 2015
The paper discusses some of the root causes of the September 11th attacks.

The paper discusses some of the specific root causes for the September 11th attacks in the U.S. Two of the causes discussed are the use of American power and the ignorance of Osama Bin Laden’s followers. The paper shows that due to the fact that the United States was so unprepared for September 11th, the root causes of the terrorist attacks are still debated by millions of people worldwide. It shows that several theories being debated are clash of civilizations, poverty of Arab lands, American policy, religious conflicts, simple jealousy and rage- all of these seem logical reasons to some and completely illogical to others.
World peace is far from being a reality. With the thousands of issues that affect international conflict, it is nearly impossible to isolate one sole cause of any given problem. The tragedy of September 11th is one such occurrence. Discussion after discussion has been had in an attempt to determine the exact cause of the attacks. The majority of suggestions of the root cause have been dismissed. Poverty of the individuals who committed crimes was quickly dismissed because of simplicity. Those people who hijacked American planes were not poverty-stricken. Most were educated, middle-class citizens. Also ruled out by simplicity is the theory of envy, hate, and rage. We know that Bin Laden and his followers hate us, but would this cause them to terrorize our country? The concept is too superficial to be the root cause itself, but most definitely lies under the true cause. Some political scientists pointed to a clash of civilizations as being the culprit. Even this suggestion goes back to envy of the enemy civilization. After analyzing all these miniscule causes of September 11th, two specific root causes are apparent. The two most logical explanations to the terrorist attacks are the use of American power and the ignorance of the Osama Bin Laden’s followers.

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