Ace Frehley – Anomaly

10 October 2019

Ace “the Spaceman” Frehley was once a member of hard rock band KISS, but in 1982 he started a solo career, releasing several albums. “Trouble Walkin’” in 1989 was his last solo album because of the KISS reunion tour in 1996. Now he’s back with his first album in 20 years, and he doesn’t ­disappoint, even at 58.

The first single, “Outer Space,” summarizes half of the album. Classic hard rock lyrics and his trademark solos will blow you away. He also includes not one but two instrumental tracks, “Fractured Quantum” and “Space Bear.”

Frehley has been sober for three years now, which in my opinion makes his music even better. The song called “A Little below the Angels” talks about how alcohol almost took his life. Frehley also shows his softer side with tracks like “Change the World.”

Frehley does an amazing cover of Sweet’s “Fox on the Run,” and it hurts me to admit as a fan of Sweet that Frehley’s version is better. It has the potential to be as big as his cover of Hello’s “New York Groove,” which made it to #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 1978.

Frehley’s solos make me feel like he is the eighth wonder of the world. And after listening to this album, you might be inclined to agree. He puts bands today to shame. “Anomaly” proves that Ace Frehley still has it and deserves a place among the greatest artists of all time.

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