Achieving a Goal

3 March 2019

Lifetime goals can break down into many valuable purposes such as, short-term, long-term goals, also even commitment and effort put in for another individual. However, negative goals may exist, which could cause someone to achieve them to make a difference in society. Therefore, my priorities of my goals would include, personal and professional achievement.

In middle school, I had no idea what career I wanted to major in for the future. “I have a long way to go” I repeated to myself. After constantly procrastinating for months, it finally hit me one night. I started to think seriously about my major. Finally, starting to think seriously about my career, I decided to follow my interests in the tech industry. Moreover, afterwards in high school I would be lucky enough to have the opportunity to experience my interests in technology by taking career classes like Intro to Engineering, Computer programming and even a Video game design class.

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Additionally, I had interests in knowing how businesses operate, hence I took a Global business class as well.

Eventually, from freshmen year onward,I became serious and chose electives that would assemble me for my career. The intro to engineering class came to be one of my most essential classes, due to the great amount of communication and teamwork skills developed. Even though I planned on majoring in information technology, I also decided to attend business classes which would arise just as essential as the engineering course, furthermore beneficial for my future knowledge.

As I started to get more involved in higher courses I visioned myself in the future holding a degree in Information Technology, having it framed up on the wall, right above my desk at a franchise company office, and also working strenuously on a business management degree.

As of now, professional and long term goals have not finalized my lifetime objective. Personal goals have helped me grow up as a more mature person rather than a juvenile. In result to this, one of my personal targets would be to make sure my siblings follow the correct path as well.

Academics and extracurricular activities both have played a major positive role on my life. Not only have I had fun experiencing them, but I also learned greatly essential lessons and skills that would be crucial for the years to come.

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