The excerpts topic is very technical since it uses biological terms and usually is taxing to the common reader, thus the writer introduces the topic by defining what a genome is and that DNA is the core of a person’s being. The writer effectively uses the definition to catch the attention and interest of the reader by describing how complex and how important the study of DNA is as well as introducing a timeline of the genome project.

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The writer used a number of definition techniques to communicate with the reader. The first was a formal definition of the genome, and then he uses explication to further define DNA as a key factor in the definition of genome. Next, he goes on to an analysis of how DNA works and how it contains the minute components that makes us unique from others. The writer also provided graphical presentations of the DNA helix to give the reader a visual description of the topic. As well as compare and contrast chromosomes, genes and DNA.

The writer was able to connect the paragraphs to present a coherent introduction through placing similar ideas together and by ensuring that the  sentences have a logical progression of ideas, from genome to DNA to chromosomes etc. The writer developed the paragraphs from one to the next by making use of topic sentences and the first paragraph introduced the key components of the report, and then the succeeding paragraphs discussed each component and at the end also gave a preview of the next component. The paragraphs were written to support each other and substantiate the claims made in the first paragraph.  The writer wrote in the point of view of an expert in the field and yet presents it in an interesting way.


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