Acid Rain: Eating Away Our Future

This extensive paper looks at the phenomena of acid rain and its effects

This paper explores how acid rain is produced, what its impact is on the environment, what has been done by government agencies to help the problem, how effective these measures have been, what individuals can do to help reduce this problem, what are the current technologies for reducing emissions and how these technologies can be used to reduce acid rain in the future. It demonstrates that current attempts to reduce emissions from power plants will not have a significant effect on acid rain reduction; and will support the idea that there is not a single solution to the problem of acid rain, but rather a combination of technologies and methods will have to be utilized to have a noticeable effect of the reduction of and repair of environmental destruction caused by acid rain.

Table of Contents:

How Acid Rain is Formed
Effect of Acid Rain on the Environment
How Large is This Problem?
What Has Already Been Done to Reduce Emissions?
Have These Measures Been Effective?
What is the Future of the Acid Rain Issue?
How Can an Individual Help?
Current Trends in Alternative Power as a Solution to the Problem
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From the paper:

“Our modern world has many conveniences.

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Acid Rain: Eating Away Our Future
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We enjoy hot water, lights, computers, cars, and many other conveniences, which are now an integral part of our society. Many of us cannot imagine life without them. We seldom think about the costs every time we turn on a light. We do not think about the where the electricity is produced and what the effects on the environment might be. We simply turn on the light. As with all good things, there is a cost. One cost of our modern conveniences is acid rain caused by the burning of fossil fuels. The effects of acid rain came into the forefront during the early seventies as its effects began to be noticed on a global level. The impact of the effects of acid rain is considered to be of great concern to some and of little concern to others. No matter which side you are on, we all must agree that energy consumption will continue to increase globally and we must be weary of the effects of energy production and always stay focused on future generations.”

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