Acid Rap by Chance the Rapper

8 August 2019

Chancellor Bennett is back at it. The 21-year-old from the Windy City returns, bringing with him a historic new sound. Bennett, who goes by the stage name Chance The Rapper, began his music career in 2011. However, his 2013 mixtape, “Acid Rap,” is what has really blown the young star into fame. Chance uses some of Chicago’s most famous sounds, such as horns and real drums, and incorporates these fine instruments with many of the East Coast’s synthetic rap sounds, using the best of both ideologies, his unique voice, and a sense of rhythm.

The way Chance rhymes in “Acid Rap” is unlike anything I have ever heard. He uses his high voice to deliver messages and also as an instrument. Chance’s voice may be an acquired taste for new listeners; he uses wacky accents and even full lines of babbled baby talk, as well as traditional lyrics. Whatever comes out of his mouth, though, sounds amazing and has a purpose.

The topics that Chance raps about range from his grandmother to being robbed at gunpoint; this shows just how diverse he is. Referencing not only drugs and pop culture, Chance litters many of his songs with beautiful references to science and art. He shows that he is not just some thug from the South Side of Chicago. He is developing into an artist who will definitely make a big name for himself.

The unique backing tracks of traditional drums, the synths over the top, and the humorous dubs of Chance’s own voice provide a beautiful landscape for the rising star to rap over. Chance has the unique talent of being able to rap over any beat and make it stand out and sound amazing every time.

“Acid Rap” is one of the few albums on which I honestly love every song. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to discover unique sounds and new artists. In the end, I would give “Acid Rap” a 10/10.

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