Acme Corporation

1 January 2017

Acme Corporation faces the ethical issue of bribery in order for buyers to purchase their products. This type of behavior can cause the corporation million dollars of fees and decline of consumer trust. Moreover, if outsiders get a word of Acme’s misconduct, the corporation can loose large portion of revenue and damage its reputation. What should Acme do if there is a desire to make ethics a part of its core organizational values?

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In order for Acme Corporation to prosper in the future it must establish a strong ethical code of business conduct. This change may require a new staff hiring or ethical simulation tests, in which employees are re-trained on ethical behavior. Moreover, the company must have a clear mission statement and vision for the employees to follow without being trapped between what is right or wrong. More than anything, the Acme employees must have clear transparency so that if something goes wrong, employees can feel secure and confident to point out where is the weakest link.

Identify the ethical issues of which Frank needs to be aware. -There are several ethical issues that Frank needs to by aware off and the first issue is that Frank is engaging in some kind of bribery, thus putting on line his own reputation as well as the company’s. Also, Frank’s misconduct towards the customer results in questioning Frank’s personal and business integrity. It is one thing to have business relations with customers, but once you cross that line things get messy.

Franks needs to know that giving into his clients wants and demand is ethically wrong. If Frank acts with proper integrity and for all the right reasons that will result in an increase in the company’s financial performance and customer trust. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each decision that Frank could make. Frank to confront management or higher officials Pros: This action will stop Frank from committing illegal and ethical behavior.

Moreover, will protect Acme’s reputation. Cons: There is a chance that Frank’s warnings and concerns will be disregarded, thus causing job or bonus losses. Also, if Frank does not accommodate his clients, the company may loose the Thermocare account. -Stop accommodating clients Pros: This action will establish loyal customers Cons: Causing extra money and work for the company, while employees are involved in ethical misconduct.

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