The most recent budget of Acre Woods is a financial misstatement.  The creation of a financial misstatement is both illegal as well as unethical.  Moreover, Acre Woods has failed to follow the “accessibility standards” in the design of its pool (Davidson, 1990).  Not only has Acre Woods violated the law by refusing to follow the federal law with regards to these standards for public accommodations, but it has also failed to consider the dangers of its pool design for the elderly (Davidsen).  Indeed, this is an unethical stance.

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The director of Acre Woods is promoting fraud by his refusal to consider the financial misstatement.  Furthermore, he is promoting an uncaring attitude toward the elderly residents of Acre Woods, besides a complete disregard for the law.

The director of Acre Woods is certainly not an ethical role model, seeing that his conduct is unrighteous.  If an employee of Acre Woods were to accept him as a role model, the director would be expected to impart learning about making financial misstatements, violating the law, and refusing to consider the dangers of bad decisions.  Additionally, the director would be expected to impart learning about elderly abuse rather than care.

Acre Woods’ stated mission was to ‘improve the quality of life of its residents through physical and emotional care.’  However, the director’s messages have resulted in dangers to the physical condition of the residents.  In addition, the residents have begun to develop fears about using the pool.  Thus, the director’s messages have also had a negative impact on the emotional lives of the residents.  Indeed, his messages are totally incongruent with the mission of the organization.

Acre Woods’ culture is not aligned with its mission.  Gene would obey the director’s messages.  Hence, the organization is not expected to care for the physical and emotional health of the residents any longer.  What is more, the culture of Acre Woods is now marked by distrust, seeing that Sarah has already complained about the director.  Without trust for the leader/director, the organizational culture is not stable enough for the employees to perform their duties as they must.


Davidsen, J. (1990, Sep). Federal law orders access for disabled. Interior Design.

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