Actions speak louder than words

6 June 2016

The proverb that I am going to analyze is “Actions speak louder than words”. Nowadays, people do not pay attention when someone is talking, unless you have good impression on them. Have you thought about that? I think that the reason was that words might have been changed; we say something and through some time we change it. That’s why I think that actions have bigger value. This proverb basically means that what you do is more important then what you say; for example just because I say I will contribute to charity don’t mean anything; until I really contribute to charity in that way by proving my words. First of all, people say things and make promises on which they have no enthusiasm to do.

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You can tell someone you love him or her as many times as you want, but until your behavior would not be based on that, the other person will probably not believe you. Some feelings cannot be definite by using simple words; they need actions to speak for them. Words are cheap, anyone can tell anything, but they will not feel it’s truthfulness of these emotions until they are acted upon. “Nevertheless, since words may sometimes be misleading, it is our actions that end up betraying our true nature.”

In conclusion, we can notice that, actions are excellent way to make people believe you. By using words you can persuade people, but it wouldn’t be effective as actions. So, even your speech would be good as Barack Obama’s, anyway you need actions to suggest your words. Furthermore; words don’t have the effect that actions do on people.

Words are easier to forget, while actions can be forgotten that easy; actions would last forever if they had a great impression on us. It is also impossible to show people how truthful your words are without an evident action. For example; when you say ‘I missed you’ to a friend, and you haven’t even bothered yourself to pick up the phone to know how he/she was doing, then obviously these words are just lies. Hence, actions are more realistic when it comes to expressing our emotions. Actions prove who is who in real case, while words only show what someone wants to be. Also, every person could say whatever he or she wants. To put it all in a nutshell, actions are the optimum way to make people believe you. Words could be a method to convey messages, but it’s not as efficient as actions.

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