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10 October 2016

With reference to Duane Stanford’s article on Mountain Dew: Mountain Dew Wants Some Street Cred, we are going to examine whether Pepsi cola’s advertising campaigns are directed at the right market segment, whether the company differentiates the product from the competition and whether the company communicates’ effectively the product benefits. We are also going to propose a suitable campaign which will enable the product to have a more universal appeal as well as come up with suitable communication channels which the company should use during its campaigns.

Are Mountain Dew’s Advertising Campaigns directed at the Right Market Segment? No, Mountain Dew’s advertising campaigns are not directed to the right target market. The companies target market is whites from the ages of 18 to 24 yet it uses HIP-HOP as well as HIP-HOP artists such as Lil-Wayne to disseminate marketing information. It would be relevant to use rock stars in its marketing campaigns to disseminate marketing information. Does the Company Differentiate the Product from the Competition? Yes, the company differentiates its products from those of competitors.

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The company also uses branding as a way of differentiating their products from products produced by competitors such as Coca-Cola. Over the years, the company has also used slogans such as “Yahoo! as well as “This Is How We Dew” as a way of differentiating their products. The company also packages its products in green bottles with the words ‘Mountain Dew ‘clearly highlighted. The aim of this is to ensure that the products are easily noticeable in supermarkets and that they may appear different from those of their competitors (Stanford, 2012). The company also produces a non-cola soft drink that is opular to whites while companies such as coca cola do not have such target strategies. The company also produces a sugary, caffeine-laced drink’s so as to appeal to young blacks as well as Latinos. Such marketing strategies are not present with other soft drink producers. Does the Company Communicate the Product Benefits Effectively? Yes, the company communicates the product benefits effectively in its marketing campaigns. The company emphasizes of quenching thirst as one of the major product benefits consumers can get from consuming the product.

The company also emphasizes that the product contains 37 mgs of caffeine which can boos ones’ energy. Other product benefits included in the product that is communicated include communicating that its products contains sodium, potassium, carbohydrate, dietary fiber as well as proteins. This type of communication is effective because the products are commonly used by people engaging in sports that end up getting thirsty as well as losing their energy, thus Mountain Dew offers the best solution for full body restoration (Roger & Donald, 2005).

Proposed Redesigns of the Campaign That Will Ensure the Products Have a More Universal Appeal In order for the company to gain attention from an international audience, the company should use HIP-HOP artists to target the Black community in international markets such as Africa as well as use multicultural advertising where the company uses people from all walks of life’s; Asians, Arabs, Africans as well as Europeans in their marketing campaigns such as in TV adverts.

The aim of this is to get the attention of such people as well as shift the perception that Mountain Dew is meant and produced to target the white market. The company should also focus on the production of the sugary, caffeine-laced drink’s that will appeal with young blacks as well as Latinos. Other international marketing strategies could include producing a product that caters for major international cultures such as Europeans, Asians as well as Arabs.

The Communication Channels Which the Company Should Focus On The best communication channel that should be used by the company should be television, radio as well as social media. The reason as to why the company should use television as a marketing channel is because this type of advertising reaches huge number of people especially during television peak hours (the evenings). The reason as to why they should also advertise using radio is because this mode of advertising is very cheap as compared to other forms of advertising such as bill boards.

And lastly the reason as to why they should advertise using social media sites such as Facebook, as well as Twitter is because this modes of advertising are cheap, advertising information can easily be accessible to consumers around the world using their laptops or mobile phones, the company can also interact with consumers and get valuable feedback concerning their products, such information can be used for purposes of decision making.

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