The video is a lecture about the functions and nature of an Active Directory schema as used in Windows 2008. It started with the definition of an Active Directory being a data storage that is stored only on domain controllers.

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An Active directory contains and controls users, groups, OUS, devices and GPO. In this respect, the Active directory is the centralized controller of large networks that enable the administrator. It also teaches us about the Active Directory schema or simply schema that identifies the hierarchy and relationship between all objects and its properties. The schema defines the possibility of all the things located in the active directory. It is sort of a map that describes what is possible and what is not. This schema is stored in a particular machine which is referred as the schema master.

This video had managed to teach its viewers about the fundamentals of the Active Directory. Most users know how to use and refer to active directory but do not know the basic outline that governs it. In this sense, the video had provided us very good foundational information about the use of Active Directory in Windows 2008. The fundamental knowledge in the principles of Active Directory can open up to new functions that we can use with the help of it.

Overall, I will relate the video to be 4/5 with five (5) being the highest. This is due to the clear explanation of terms and concepts by the speaker. This is also in relation to the good quality of video and audio that enhances the learning experiences of the viewer.


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