The advertisement for ‘Slenrol’ tries to appeal to the viewer’s emotional side by playing upon the fear of losing a pet to obesity. This fear is a result of the emotional attachment that pet owners share with their pets and the advertised drug promises to reduce the dog’s appetite, thereby making it less prone to arthritis and hypertension. The drug brief is about a drug called LIALDA that helps to control a condition called ulcerative colitis which produces inflammation and ulcers in the colon.

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A drug brief is a detailed technical document aimed to educate the reader; it even displays the molecular structure of the drug. On the other hand, ads mostly use an informal tone and stick to simple layman terms; this is done to ensure that the majority of people can easily understand the significance of the product being advertised. Slenrol’s ad is quite catchy as it displays a dog carrying a load on its back as a metaphor to the animal being overweight; this is primarily done to draw empathy from the target audience. Also, the advertisement displaying the product’s FDA approval is an attempt to build trust with the target audience.

A drug brief adopts a very objective outlook towards the drug involved, enlisting its chemical components, expected benefits as well as side-effects. However, advertisements are generally quite subjective and leave a lot to the imagination of the viewer. Slenrol’s ad also focuses on the on cosmetic appearance by displaying a picture of the dog before and after losing weight, thereby serving as a testimony to the product’s efficacy. Like any other typical ad, the side-effects and disclaimer are stealthily displayed at the bottom, to ensure that it is not strikingly obvious to the viewer.

One has to realize that advertisements work on a subconscious level on the viewer’s psyche. At the end of the day, advertisements are not really meant to help the consumers make informed choices but to make them succumb to the capitalist charm of the advertising. A drug brief, on the other hand, not only caters primarily to the scientific community but also helps customers make sound decisions. It provides information about the recommended dosage to be administered and warnings about over dosage and other risks involved.


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