Drug addiction is a form of substance abuse commonly referred as an excessive use of a particular drug, usually associated as illegal drugs that chemically alter the function of a person’s normal psychological, physical, and mental processes. Drug addiction is commonly defined as a chronic, relapsing medical condition.

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The cycle of drug addiction is composed of three major behavioral characteristics of preoccupation, compulsive use, and relapse. Preoccupation means that the abused drug maintains its significant priority in the addict’s mental and affective states. Compulsive use gives the idea of compelling use of the abused drug amidst irrational reasons of anticipated untoward consequences. Relapse is the ability of the addict to discontinue or abstain from the abused drug for varying periods of time.

Analysis from the definitions itself pointed the sole destiny of substance abusers, deterioration. Deterioration to losing one’s meaning in life and health, and in the form of his person. This medical condition relates to the health and illness of the society itself. A cure to the sociopsychological implications of substance abuse is a remedy to the biological scientific approach of drug addiction intervention.

The causes of drug addiction are social and psychological. Let’s discuss the social implications of drug abuse first. Peer factor is a widely known cause for the abuse (Chiauzzi 1989). This tends to push an individual to abuse a drug because it alters one’s mental state to cope up with stress and depression factors. Family conditions associated with domestic violence, divorce and sexual abuse also push an individual to abuse a drug to cope up with stress (Brown et al 1999), fear, anxiety, and depression.

The main point is that drug addiction alters the mental and emotional state of a user so he may be able to change the unpleasant feelings to pleasant ones. The change temporarily increase his strength to articulate his problems using his voice in the world by which he had captured in memory as the domain of his other life. If we are going to treat mentioned social illnesses (Leshner 1999) then we may beable to gain him back to reality and lessen his use of the abused drug to minimize transport of his self to his other world.

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The environmental stimuli of anxiety, stress, fear, and depression promotes suicide and escape through drug abuse. Identifying the cause will get us to knowhis life issues.

One cannot recover from drug addiction unless he genuinely desires to get better and not just plain availment of health care. The danger of relapse exists as long as the sociopsychological conditions he wanted to escape are present. He needs help to conquer loss of control over the environment and substance abuse. After the treatment, we see the cycle of the medical condition because the cycle of his social conditions still exists (Sharma 2004). Relapse will always occur after treatment.

From the discussion we can identify three reasons that cause relapse: social, psychological, and support structure from government. Support structure from government does not mean rehab facilities and healthcare alone but state and national policy to fight war against drugs. ONDCP third strategy in drug warfare to disrupt the market for illicit drugs (ONDCP 2007) means roles on accomplice and drug trades with drug lords and not eliminating or stopping the flow of drugs. We see continuous flow of illegal drugs, genuine or not, it is there for the drug abusers used. It is very difficult and impossible to control relapse in an open drug market.

In my personal experience, drug use is seen to be a common party theme. Youth seems to go between sex and drugs use in their search for thrill and excitement. Society has been increasingly lax in their control with children that made them tolerate such change.

Government’s intervention is down with medical research and few attentions on sociological problems. Somewhere we got to be strong and strengthen our hold with discipline and morality. There shall be a little revival on moral and family values. Relationships and bonding plays a vital role in the basic foundation of children.


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